Screwing the Babes in the Factory

It was the same day like other days. Me and Neha working in one of this Unit in the factory. Neha is my wife and we are Engineers in the same Factory. It was Our Night shift as per routine and we were trying to fix the Rotator. It cost in thousands to company if any machine stops working. A number of engineers in different Units work day and night to keep the process running.

Normally she can handle such stuff but this was a little hard. Something got stuck in it. We were working on that for last five hours. And finally we resolved the issue but still there was some more protocols to follow after closing the unit.

I asked Neha to take some rest as she looked a little exhausted. She said ‘OK’ and went to the Rest Room while I continued my work.

I was checking and rechecking all the Unit. Put on all safety protocols and checked the machine again. It was fine in working when I noticed a loose wire. I started fixing it. It took another half an hour. Finally the Machine started and I took a sigh of relief.

I finished the work and went to the Rest Room where we always rest for a while after work. We stay there for the time of our duty, have some tea or drinks and after our duty finishes we change there and leave. That’s the routine we always follow.

When I entered the room she was sleeping sound in bed. Her face was towards the wall and she has taken blanket. All I could see were her hair.

I didn’t try to bother her. I removed the Safety dress and a lit a cigarette very quietly. This was a long night ahead and wanted her to take some rest before some new case arrives.

So I switched off the light and lay beside her and place my arms around her, gently kissed her on her cheeks. It was way dark in the room. Her perfume smelled a little different. She was in deep sleep. I started fondling her breasts and kissed on her neck. She started responding too. Our lips met in a deep passionate kiss. I slipped in the blanket as it was warm inside and started feeling her body. I slid my hand under her shirt and felt her bare skin. She started breathing heavily. My hand further slid under her bra and started ticking her nipples. She placed her hands over my hands. As I was a bit tired so decided to finish it a little fast. I humped her and hugged her very tightly and kissed her lips.

I left her shirt to her shoulder line and the bra too. Felt the boobs, they seemed a bit smaller but on lying down this happen sometimes. She became very hot. I started rubbing her clit and slid my fingers in her panties. Started rubbing her clit slowly until my hand soaked with her wetness. I fingered in her cunt. It was wet enough to take my cock in. With one hand I slid down her trouser and panties together and pushed my dick in her. She cried in pleasure.. “Aaaaahhhhh”.. Was fucking her in bed really hard

I was at the verge of pleasure n about to explode when suddenly someone opens the door and switches on the light. I could barely open my eyes due to sudden glare.

It was Noir, the Chief Engineer.

“What the hell” I yelled

He looked surprised too..

He was staring at her and then me..

“What are you looking at?” I almost roared and I looked down with a lot of anger

And then my eyes also spread in surprise.

It was not Neha whom I was fucking.

It was his Assistant, Sonam.

I was in the wrong room


I hurriedly got up and was worried

What to say “don’t know how it happens” .. I stuttered

All i can say was that ‘i am sorry’

But amazingly he said nothing n just sat on chair

I got up n starting get dressed

He smiled and said . Wont u finished what you have started?

Sonam look a little confused

As she also was not aware it’s me. She was also involved in the action thinking that it’s Noir But all of sudden the deprivation of wonderful sex also made her a unrelaxed

Continue please.. Noir said to me. His statement confused me.

But before i can say anything. Sonam hold my arm and pulled me towards herself “He won’t mind”

“Come On” She was hot. This all scenario made me little more confused. Noir was not mad at me, instead he wanted me to continue. He didn’t look furious at all

Sonam raised a little by holding my arm and then kissed on my lips.

She was in no mood to back away nor was she shy of doing this in front of her bf. I was in state of confusion still.

Then she got up and sat on her feet and opened my pants. I tried to hesitate as I was already enough embarrassed but she any how pushed me on bed and she pulled my pants down. And took my dick in her hands. Seems like she was not satisfied for days and like it was not new for her to do such stuff in front of her bf. I sat at the edge of bed and she takes me in her mouth. My limp dick started to swell in her mouth. I was utterly able to say a word rather to close my eyes and just enjoy. No doubt she was a skilled sucker. Meanwhile Noir got up. He looked quite amused. There was an unusual grin on his face. He stood near to us and started observing very closely.

Sonam pushed me back on the bed and ride me. I just starred at her tits, they were small but were round shaped with nipples poking out “so that’s why the breasts seem smaller” I thought

But before she can take my dick in her cunt, Noir held her from ass. He raised her a little and then starting licking her.. Her boobs pressing over my face.. I was not able to take the advantage of sucking them..

She was now very hot to take a hard meat in her cunt. She sat on my dick, shove it up in her cunt its whole length and started fucking me.. The feeling was great. As i was about to explode previously so i came earlier this time and started cuming in her. She was also on verge of her orgasm and i pushed a hard stroke in her, she cumed very strongly.. She kept on banging on me throughout her orgasm period..

I can see the tiredness in her eyes.. She fell on bed on heavily right side and started breathing heavily..

Noir standing there, smiled and said.. Welcome to the family..

I couldn’t understand what all that meant. I was still there naked on the bed along with her totally naked gf with her over flowing pussy with my load and he was congrating me on fucking her.

So I think I am the only one dressed at moment.. and in moments he pulled off his clothes..

Now we are even.. he winked at me. He has got really a muscular body. Seems like he workout every day. He was fair and tall..


Then he just slides to the side of Sonam and lied beside her .. he started playing with her tits..


Sonam has regained much of her breath meantime.. she smiled to him.. and then kissed on his lips..




That was a soft kiss but in some moments they started kissing hard.. licking and biting on lips.. slipping tongues in each other, playing and fondling with tongues.. looked like some tongue game.. then their lips locked and they were playing some sort of secret tongue game in their mouths as i can judge from their expressions..


Noir was getting hard on.. his dick was lengthier then mine but less in thickness..


Noir hands found out her boobs while kissing her.. he started fondling her boobs..


He stretched his hand towards me.. and when he touched my arm he held it and then placed my hand on her left boob…


Of course it was a signal to fondle her left breast while he was fondling right..


The scene i was watching worth not only admiration but also enough to give me a hard on..


I start playing with her tits.. she moaned with pleasure..




Noir broke the kiss and started sucking her right boob..

” aren’t they delicious’ he said to me

I was a bit confused again

“Come on. Give her a favor if not to you” he winked again


I barely smiled and started sucking her left breast.

Two Manish hands and mouths are enough to make a girl moan loudly

She was in ecstasy again

Noir held her to roll towards him and he started fucking her

Her bare nude ass was in front of me. It’s not that big. It was just round and small but it was white.

I starred at her ass for moments when i finally got some courage to grab her and feel her butts.. she moaned when she felt my hands..


I was continuously rubbing and pinching her butts.. then i took the liberty of parting the curves and peep at her ass


I can feel the strong jerks of Noir. He was fucking her like a motor pump. I spit on my fingers and massage her asshole..

Slowly i inserted tip of my finger in her.. she moaned.. i took more advantage and shove my index finger up her ass.. i can feel the Noir dick drilling her with my finger..

Noir then pulled his dick out.. i also pulled out my finger..

He made her to lie on her back and then pull her to edge of bed and again started fucking her..


Suck her.. he said to me

i started sucking her boobs.. fondling them..

When Noir made a grunting sound and cuming in her. She also cumed again with him. Their bodies were shivering and sweating like hell.. He became motionless and laid over her.. they were breathing heavily..

I was like in dream in those moments when i thought of Neha. She must be waiting for me..

I hurriedly got up and put on my clothes.

Where are you going.. Noir got off Sonam and said

To my room.. i said.. i think i am in some wrong room..

It’s ok.. Noir said.. i was about to leave when he called me again

Hey buddy.. did u enjoyed..

I thought for a while and nodded positively

So when are you returning the favor.. Noir said

I starred him confusingly

Look.. he sat up on bed and added

Seeing my partner having sex is best thing happened to me.. she is not first time got fucked by someone in front of me.. and every time i enjoyed every bit of her emotions and then i indulge myself in her emotions by having her.. that’s why we are in relation over five years..

He smiled and then winked..

Think about it”

I nodded and left the room..

Clearly he wants to fuck my Neha

I entered my room and Neha was not there.. I saw in bathroom but she was also not there..

I unlocked the locker for my mobile so i can call her. So there was her mobile too..

Might be some new issue.. I thought..

I went towards Factory area and there she was busy in some maintenance. Looked like some routine checking.


Obviously she won’t need me in that so i went to my room and slept. I was so tired that i slept soon after laying on bed.

Some days passed after that night and those moments were just occupying my mind all the time. Saw Noir on different occasions and each time he smiled and winked at me.

Even Sonam also smiled when she passes by me..


Ok. I agree. It was fun and very appealing.. i stopped Noir one day at last and said

But i don’t want to hurt Neha feelings.. i don’t know how she will feel if i ask her to do this..

Noir seriously looked at me.. no this is not the right way..

Might be you also have not agreed if you haven’t experienced the same..

i nodded. he has got a point.

So how can i ask her.. i said.. in my mind i thought.. i can’t

I never hide anything from her and this was the first time i wasn’t able to tell her about that night

Just tell her, what happened. Noir stroked my thought process

I give him a look of idiocy

Are you mad.. i said a little loudly

No.. just don’t tell her everything, just tell her you banged my gf.. he said

people are reluctant to new taste always until they taste it slowly and repeatedly, He added

So what difference it will make if i tell her that i banged your gf.. i questioned him

Ya.. you tell her that you banged my gf .. and i caught you.. although it’s an accident but of course you have enjoyed

He took some breath

And now it’s my turn.. he winked at me

She won’t agree to get fucked by you.. i disagree him immediately

I am not fucking her, you will.. i will just sit and watch.. he smiled


But if she does not agree then?.. i just asked him to find another way

Then tell her that Sonam is going to file a case against you for rapping her.. he said.. she got your semen on her clothes.. he smiled


He was no doubt very cunning man. I don’t know it was a threat or an idea but of course there were clothes all around and possibility of my semen on any of her clothes was there.


Ok.. i shrugged my shoulders

Let’s try.. i said and left


It was a little hard to tell her but she knew everything about my past, my gfs and everything. We never tried to hide anything from each other but this situation was a bit kinky.

Seeing me going through a thoughtful process she finally asked me herself..

“Is everything ok with you?”

I looked at her barfly. I was still not sure how to say her.

ok, there is something honey. She held my hand

Come on tell me. Her instinct told her something is there and now she was going to push me anyways

Ok.. i took a deep breath

And started narrating her the incident.

“ so You fucked her and he caught You” she said

“Yes” I said

“huhh” she said thoughtfully

“did he hurt you” she looked a little worried

“No, he didn’t” I said

“ That’s good, means he understands that it all was an accident and he let it go.”

“ Did he?” she added

“ No” I said

“ Then, What he wants?”

“ He wants to see us together” I explained “ in bed, having sex”

“ what???” she almost jumped with exclamation.

I nodded my head and breathe heavily

“ so what if we don’t agree?” she wanted to know her options

“ Then he threatened that they will go to police as Sonam has semen on her clothes and she can make a claim of raping her” I explained her.

“ Oooho” she bit her lips in worry

“ But he promised, He will hand over the stuff If we agree to his demand”

“ OK” she again started thinking

“ mm so have only one way out of this” she said “ Ok, Fine, Don’t worry, that’s not a big deal. That will also between you and me.. so what” she said

“ Let’s do it, No problem and Don’t worry” She said..

“ mm Ok” I smiled to her and kissed her

“ So when he want us to see banging each other?” she said

“ I don’t know”

He didn’t tell me

“ Ok, Call him and ask him to come home, its more safe in here but tell him no recording device , no camera , and no mobile” She said in a commanding tone.

“ OK” I said and dialed his number. I conveyed him the message. He giggled when he heard that Neha got agreed. He said “ok.. no problem , Don’t worry “to camera thing.

I hanged up the phone.

“So..” She looked at me questionably

“ He is coming tonight, will have dinner with us and will spend the night in our room”

“ Hmm OK” Neha said

“ so I start making dinner for that asshole” She looked annoyed

“don’t get upset yaar” “It’s not his mistake” “ He might can create a lot of Fuss for me but he did nothing” I added “ Let’s take it like a little Fun” I took her in my arms and kissed on her lips

“OK” she said “ I have to get prepared for Dinner and also get ready myself too” while saying her last words she smiled

“ Get Ready?” “ aren’t you ready?” I said

“No, I haven’t removed my hair for last two weeks, I don’t like being nasty” she said “ but sometimes” she winked” I get nasty” and then she held my collar and kissed on my lips by sitting in my lap

“ You are getting late” I reminded her

“oh ya” and she hurriedly left to kitchen

I started watching TV and surfing on the net. I can hear the sounds of crockery and cooking from the kitchen. After sometime She finished her cooking stuff and now went to bedroom upstairs. I was still sitting in TV room watching TV. I knew she always like surprises. So decided not to peep on her.

“ Ting Tong” Door bell rang

My heart beat a little faster, I knew its him and yes it was.

It was Noir standing at door

He was looking handsome, with white collared T shirt and jeans. His Hairy chest was a little visible through opened upper buttons.

“Hey, Come On in” I said in a normal tone

He accompanied him to the dinning room and asked to sit.

His has put on some very astonishing perfume which really depicted his good taste

“ Where is She?” He said restlessly

“ She is in washroom” I just said

Whatever was going to happen, I was a little worried too about the outcome. I was not sure of everything at moment. “ May be something Goes wrong” I was just thinking

Noir read my face.” Don’t worry dear.” Everything will be fine. You both will enjoy more than you think” He said firmly.

I nodded my head.

Suddenly we heard the noise of Her steps. She was coming down the stairs.

Noir face blushed but he was master in controlling himself.

“ Hello” he said to Neha

“ Hi Noir” She tried to be normal

She was looking stunning. She bathed and left her hair open, wearing a silk bath robe which clearly showing her body curves. I knew what was in our mind but now I Didn’t what was in her mind.

I can see the bulge rising in noir’s tight jeans. Of course after all he was a man and seeing my hot wife in silky robe is quite uncontrollable.

She went to kitchen and started making the dinning table.

“Ok, Dinner is ready” She said after laying dishes and crockery

Noir smelled the air” It tastes Good” He winked at me. I knew which taste he is taking about.

“ thanks” she took it as her cooking compliment but then she got the other side too and blushed

We sat at table and started chatting about normal work stuff but during conversation we found him starring in between at Neha’s breasts making clear curve on her silk robe.

As soon we finished with Dinner Neha asked him suddenly “ So Noir, Why do want to see us having sex”

Of course Noir was ready for this question. He smiled and said” your husband did everything, he can, to my lovely and beautiful gf” “ and if you see in return, then it’s my turn to have you” “ but look all I am asking you is to just put on some show” He explained very well in short

“ Ok” she smiled, “ Anything for my husband”

“ Yes, You both will enjoy, Don’t worry” he winked

“ wait, I forgot something in my car” He left hurriedly outside

“ wow, You are looking very hot” I praised her as soon as he left

She smiled “ Ya, I am going to kill him today, I will put on a show, he will remember, He can’t touch me and he will beg for me his life” she said

I was now a little amazed like two experts are going to have a dual.

Main Door opened and Noir rushed in. He was having some wine bottle in his hand. I was not aware of brands but all I can judge was that it is some liquor.

“ Whats That” she said

“ It is a gift” he handed over the bottle to Neha and starts praising the quality of the wine and how old it is

“thank you” Neha said. And kept the bottle on table

“ So wait, I finish my dishes” she said and walked to dinning table.

She started collecting dishes and pots and placed them in kitchen.

Noir held the bottle and opened the cork. Liquid started flowing out of it.

We just have bought our this new Carpet so Neha while coming to TV room from kitchen hurriedly went back to kitchen and fetched a piece of cloth. She sat on the carpet and started cleaning the mess. The moment she sat down the floor, her milky boobs made a clear cleavage along with some parts of boobs visible through her neck.

Noir eyes were just focusing on target. Ok its clean. He said

“ Its not going to spoil your carpet, don’t worry” he said

Neha smiled and leaned forward to clean the last drop ”Ok, its gone too” her leaning forward made her cleavage more visible

She left to kitchen “ please bring three glasses” Noir said but then he stood up and went towards kitchen. Neha came out with three glasses in a tray. “oh you got them” he said and gave her way and started walking behind her. He was checking her ass surely.

Neha sat beside me “ so what do we have to do for You?” she said

Noir smiled,” you both just follow, what I say”

“ OK” we both said together

“ Sonam was telling me that your husband is a great kisser.. so lets see” He said

we never kissed each other in front of someone so naturally there was an element of shyness.

I kissed her on her lips. She kissed me back. After a few kisses we get used to his stare and started kissing deeply. I put my tongue in her mouth and same time started sucking her lips.. my hand moved towards her back and I held her near me. I can feel the silky touch of the robe. I started getting hard. We kissed for a while and then broke the kiss..

“hmm, good” he was amused with the show.

“Neha, Please take of your robe, I want to see more” he said

I looked at her. She showed no sign of disrespect. She stood and dropped the Robe on ground. She was wearing her favourite red bikini beneath the robe. Her boobs were flowing out of her tight bra.

“ wonderful” His eyes widely opened. He was starring at every inch of Neha

“ he poured the Liquor in glass. “please have a drink with me” he said and raised his glass

I also raised one. Neha saw me taking one so she also took one.

“cheers” he said and all of us drunk it.

It was a little harsh but we managed to drink

“ that was strong” neha said

He smiled. “ a little but its best in market”

He again filled the glass” another one” he said

Neha was reluctant but she picked the glass after me and we had another round

Meanwhile she was just sitting in her panties and bra.Liquor was good and we can feel its effect but it was not that strong.

Just eyelids were getting a little heavier. “ Neha I want to see you people having sex in your bed” He said very normally.

“ Ok” we obeyed him and started moving towards our bedroom. It was upstairs. Neha was in front of us and we were behind. Her thong can barely hide her smooth white round big ass.. and as she was climbing upstairs, her big Butts were making wonderful swaying moves. He couldn’t resist to touch her but he knows its not the right time.

We entered our room. I started removing my clothes. After having little liquor we were not that much ashamed of him as we were before. I pull of mu shirt and Neha opened my pant and lowered it then she lowered my boxers and there my dick was hanging in air. She kissed on the over it and slowly started sucking me.

The sight of her sweet lips around my dick always make me more hard. She almost have taken the entire dick in her mouth till her throat. And started fucking me with it. She always loved to suck dick and due to liquor effect she was doing it more intensely today.

Clearly Noir was hot looking at the scene. He unzipped his Jeans and lowered it and he also lowered his underwear. He was holding his dick in his hand and spreading the precum over the glans.

I lift Neha up. She lay down on bed and I mounted her with my dick touching her labias, I took off her bra and started sucking her boobs, she loved the touch and moaned “ suck me” she said

I sucked her tit harder. Noir stood up, pull off his pants and shirts and came nearer.

He saw me sucking her boobs and ofcourse he wanted to do that.

His Cock was rock hard. I already mentioned It is lengthier than mine but less thicker.

I got up “ wait I have to pee” I said

“OH” “ Ok” she said and opened her eyes

At this moment she saw Noir standing right beside the bed

She saw his dick and her eyes spread in shock. Of Course that was the first dick she ever saw after mine.

“That’s lengthy” Neha said. I can hear her voice in bath as I left the door open

“ Yes it is,” he smiled,. You can touch it..

Neha looked at his muscular body with praising looks.. “Nice Body” She again said

He came nearer to her. His dick was a few inches away from her face.

“If you want to touch, You can” He said

“it’s the same as his” She said “ just a little longer” “ and less thicker”

She made the wright opinion.

“ hold it” he said

“Ok” she said and she held his cock in her hand

She started feeling the girth and the glans .. rubbing her thumb all over it..

“ do you want to suck it?” he said

“No” she said and smiled

I was in washroom door, can look both of them

“ so what is going on?” I came nearer

She removed her hand

“ I again lay down beside her and started sucking her breast?”

“ Do you like it?” I said

“YES” she said and moaned softly

I took her tits in my mouth and started licking them and sucking them hard

She moaned louder..

“Maza aa rha hai” I said

“ YESSS” she exclaimed in joy

I slid my hand down her panties and started rubbing her clit .. she was getting hotter and hotter

I kept on sucking her boobs. “Do u want me to suck your other breast”. I said

“YESSSSSS”” she said

“but you have two boobs, Can Noir suck One?” I said

“If you have no problem then he can”

Noir smiled and placed his lips around her areola .. he started licking her.. and the he took her tit in his mouth and started sucking but ofcourse he wanted to touch and feel her. Hi hands started running around her body an d her breasts. He held her breast in his both hands, make a cup around it and started sucking like someone sucks mango, it poured her areola more outward and he has her big areola almost in her mouth .he was sucking her hard.”AAAhhhhhhhhh;;; ::aaaaahhhhMMM” was the sounds she was making

I went down, pull off her panties and parted her legs and started playing with her clit with my tongue. I licked her juices. I always love the taste. And took the clit in lips and started sucking it very gently.

She moaned and a wave of excitement crossed her body. She jerked her body forward.

Noir was still sucking her boobs but now he was sucking both, one after another.

He started kissing her all over. On her neck, on her shoulders, on her face and finally he started kissing her lips. She replied very positively. He locked his lips with her and put his tongue in. she started kissing and sucking his tongue.

She was in ecstasy.

As below I was licking her . I put my tongue into her cunt and started fucking her it with my face.

She barely can breathe. Her breath goes faster and faster.

“suck me” Noir placed his Dick over her lips.

She was in trance. She kissed his cock and started licking the glans.

Noir moved in 69, his dick was on her lips ready to get in her mouth

He started to lick her clit.

I parted the place for her

Neha opened her mouth and took the dick in

It was hot

I can see the joy and pleasure on her face she was getting

I started caressing and fondling her tits..

The moment was very hot, room was full of moaning and smell of hormones all around.

She was sucking him well. I kissed on her cheeks and look ed the sight of dick coming in and out of her mouth. That’s looked awesome

Noir got up. He put her dick on the verge of her cunt. And started pushing in.

“he wants to fuck you” I said to Neha

“ You want him to fuck me” she said

“Yes” I said

“then he should” she replied

Noir pushed his dick slowly inside. It was fully inside her

He started fucking my wife. His dick was reaching the areas where my dick never reached

I started sucking her boobs very hardly. I can see all the feelings on her face.


“Fuck Me’ “ Fuck Me’ Neha said

“FUCK ME” she said loudly

Noir increased his speed

He then pulled out his dick

“Ahmm Don’t” She said

He then lay down on the bed.

And hold neha from her back.

She immediately got up and ride his dick

It was in her cunt to its full length

She started fucking him very fast liked she never fucked anyone before

Noir then again raised her butts hold them and tried to make a twist

She got him and she immediately turned her back to him

Now she facing me

Noir started rubbing her ass with his hand

I grabbed some oil from cabin and handed him over

He rubbed the oil on her asshole and put finger in

She moaned

He started fingering in her

Neha started rubbing her clit herself

I ride over the bed in front of her and inserted my dick in her pussy.

She moaned loudly

Noir placed his dick on her as and started moving in

His dick was thin so it didn’t hurt her

She made muffled sounds as two dicks penetrating her

“Yes” “ Fuck Me” she cried

I can feel the Noir dick hitting against vaginal wall and obviously she can also feel the vaginal wall crushing between two dicks


“”aaaaaaaHHHHHH” She couldn’t hold it and started having orgasm

Me too cumed with her, shooting the last drop in her

Noir still fucking her ass .. he lift her and shove his dick in her pussy

Our cum give him more lubrication and he started cuming too

After the final jerk Neha felled down on bed between us and none of was able to open our eyes for more.

We all fell asleep as we were, in same position.


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