Sex Chat with Juhi

Hello FISS Folks, I am just writing this story about Juhi. She is a writer for this website. This might be a fantasy or this might be a reality. I just leave it to you guys to decide.. . This is not just a regular story of just a bunch of low class guys ganging up on a lady. Its a mix of a romance with erotica and it moves a bit slow. Its a pretty lengthy one and its in roshomon style.. (those who are not aware just google it.. ) Just posting the first part for now.

Juhi was watching the ceiling, thinking about what just happened. She was way too tired due to the orgasms she had back to back, which she lost count. That was more than what she had in her whole life. She just can’t believe the facts or may be couldn’t digest yet. Until 4 hours ago she was a faithful wife, dutiful daughter-in-law and a respected orthodox woman in the neighborhood. But now, what is she…?

She traveled back in the time couple of years ago in her mind and her memories started running in front of her eyes like a movie.

“Hey this is Samraat (aka) Sam from San Francisco, interested to chat?”..the first message she received in her chat id, she was thinking “huh..who is this guy?..not another empty hitcher”

The chat went like this

Sam: thanks for accepting my invite, like to chat?

Sam: You there?

juhi: Hi

Sam: sorry you busy?

juhi: No

juhi: Was on fone

Sam: I am M 32 currently in US

juhi: Ok

Sam: I am Samraat, sam in short

juhi: Im 40 f india

Sam: so what are your hobbies?

juhi: Surfing chatting

juhi: Urs

juhi: Busy?

Sam: i like golfing, sky-diving, para sailing and cars

Sam: nah, i am free

Sam: also a lot of chatting

juhi: Ok

At that moment…her Mother in law called. She just disconnected and left to answer her MIL and the friendship started like this. Suddenly a cold breeze hit her nipples which was already well used and it was very sensitive due it its treatment it received for past 4 hours. This brought her back to present. She thought that is just a harmless casual net friendship. But how did that ended up like this?

Juhi logged in to her chat again and Sam was online. The chat started and went on a bit spicy and saucy.

Sam: Hello

Juhi: Hi

Sam: How r ya doing?

Juhi: Fine

Sam: You like to do some role play chat?

Juhi: Not really

Sam: Why? It’s one of your hobbies right?

Juhi: Not roleplay. It’s boring

Sam: So what you like. In chat?

Juhi: Normal chat that gradually gets more n more spicy

Sam: Oooooh, wicked

Sam: Nice

Juhi: Hmmm

Juhi: What u like

Sam: Like in chat?

Juhi: Ya n in general

Sam: I have a passion for cars

Juhi: N chat

Sam: I like chatting, on any subject

Sam: Especially, spicy topics..

Juhi: Gud

Sam: What’s your fantasy?

Juhi: Hmmm changes

Sam: Ok, what’s your current one?

Juhi: Hmmm. Nothing catching my fancy right now


Sam: You watch movies?

Juhi: Which ones

Sam: Lol…

Juhi: Have to ask na

Juhi: Busy?

Sam: No

Sam: Just got a call

Sam: The normal ones

Juhi: Ok

Juhi: Not all that often

Sam: What kinda movies you like?

Juhi: Romcoms

Juhi: Uff u r busy again

Sam: No sorry, just got another call

Sam: I took off for office today

Juhi: Busy man

Juhi: Ok

Juhi: What u do

Sam: So I’ll get calls like this, don’t mind….

Sam: Not busy exactly

Sam: Occupational hazards …

Juhi: Hmmm

Sam: So, you watch spicy movies also ?

Juhi: No. Prefer pics

Sam: Pics?

Sam: Thtz boring right, we can see some action in movies …

Juhi: Photos

Sam: I got that..

Juhi: I’m oldfashioned

Sam: You can still change …

Juhi: Hmmm don’t think so

Sam: What’s your turn on?

Juhi: Depends

Sam: Just think of movies as moving photoes…

Juhi: Ya. Take long time to load

Sam: Load?

Sam: Load what?

Juhi: On net

Sam: Get a better connection na, now a days net is very faster

Sam: And cheaper than before

Juhi: Hmm ya

Juhi: Should get 3g for fonw also

Sam: Anyways I prefer me in action rather than watching someone else…

Juhi: Hehe

Sam: Yea, why should I watch some one else doing it, if I have all the right tools…

Juhi: Who u do it with

Juhi: Another call?

Sam: No

Sam: I am here

Sam: I have a girlfriend

Sam: She is Italian

Sam: And also I have few friends with benefits…

Sam: You busy?

Juhi: Wait

Sam: Ok

Juhi: If u hv all that why ur chatting with this 40 plus lady

Sam: Because you are an Indian and all my friends are not

Sam: I mostly spent my life here in US

Juhi: Ok

Sam: so I don’t have friends from India, so just wanted to know how the other side looks like

Juhi: Ah

Sam: And hey who else is sexier than 40+ ladies…

Juhi: Thank u

Sam: You are welcome …

Juhi: U have a way with ladies

Sam: I hope it’s a compliment…

Juhi: It is

Sam: Thanks..

Juhi: So…

Sam: So what r ur plans for the weekend?

Juhi: Nothing much. At home only

Sam: Hey, give me 2 mins , I’ll be back

Juhi: Ok

Sam: Am back

Sam: Just ordered some food

Sam: Almost lunch time now..,

Juhi: Ok

Juhi: Diner time here

Sam: Ya , arnd 9 right?

Sam: Already prepared dinner?

Juhi: 8.30

Juhi: Ya.

Sam: Good what are you having?

Juhi: Baingan

Sam: Oh..I love that… is it bartha or something else?

Juhi: Masala

Sam: Nice…

Sam: So after dinner it’s spicy stuff right ..,

Juhi: Hehehe ya

Sam: Oops..

Juhi: Why oops

Sam: It’s spicy na so oops…

Juhi: Hehe

Sam: I dunno, i’d ever stick with one person like that….

Sam: We cannot eat same food whole life right?

Juhi: Hehe

Sam: Hey you still didin’t answer my question, what’s your turn on ?

Juhi: Stimulating conversation

Juhi: Well groomed

Sam: You are a classy woman

Juhi: N sometimes just great body

Sam: Oh.. Then I have a chance…

Juhi: Hehe

Sam: I am a swimmer

Sam: So you like to be taken gently or roughly?

Juhi: All on the mood

Sam: Lovely

Sam: You like when some one eats you?

Juhi: Prefer frying breasts sucjed

Sam: Frying breasts?

Sam: You are scaring me now

Sam: You there?

Juhi: Lol typo

Sam: So you like when boobs are sucked eh?

Sam: What’s your cup size?

Sam: R u busy?

Juhi: Wait

Sam: Ok

Sam: Busy still?

Juhi: Little. But I can chat at sane tine

Juhi: U

Sam: Oh..ok

Sam: So what’s your cup size?

Juhi: To answer ur question 38 c

Sam: Oh..goodness

Sam: That will be one great treat…

Juhi: Hmmm

Sam: Hey btw, you drink?

Juhi: Sometimes

Sam: What’s your fav?

Juhi: Vodka

Sam: Wow, you maintain class in that to

Sam: You like martini?

Juhi: No. Prefer sweet

Sam: Oh..nice

Sam: Have you been to US?

Juhi: No

Sam: Any plans of visiting?

Juhi: If u sponsor…lol

Sam: Hey If I sponsor, I’d expect something in return…

Juhi: Hmmm

Sam: Thtz it?

Sam: Just a sigh?

Sam: Hey gotta go , got to have lunch, how long will you be here?

Juhi: For some time

Sam: Ok will come back in an hr, c ya if you are arnd

Juhi: Ok

Sam: Bye, have a nice spicy session..

Juhi: Bye

Juhi thought “hmmm this guy seems a bit interesting ” as she started showing sam her slutty side already, “What’s happening to me?” She started wondering.

She started chatting with Sam regularly.She was getting comfortable with him and opening her slutty side up slowly. Which she started liking.

She thought “its just in online and harmless, why shouldn’t I open up a bit more to this guy”. what happened in their next chats? how did she ended up like this? wait and watch..


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