Sex with college receptionist

Hi friends my name is rocky,let me describe you my self i’m 6’3 inches and not well built but lean but charming and smart looking.this happened an year back.I am a graduate and I want to pursue mba degree from a prestigious instiutions in india.i have given all the exams which are needed for it.

In that process I gave my mobile number at every exam I have written and we all know that there are various institutes in india for mba other than worth institutes.So I usually get calls from these institutes every now and then to join in their institute.I am goin to narrate about the call that I had with a girl from one such institute from bangalore.

One night around 7 I got this call from the institute I took the call and to my surprise it was a girl I asked her who is it and she started enquiring me abt my educational qualifications and if I am interested to pursue mba from their college,generally I say I am not but the voice was very sweet and the way she talked made me hung to the call for 45 minutes.

the whole conversation was not completely professional,as she also liked the way I talked as they also get students who arrogantly cut the call,she said there would be an interview in my city the next day and she was there in the city in a hostel.So I thought there might be a chance to see how she looked like so I agreed to come for the interview the next day.

on the next day she called again for the confirmation n confirmed I am coming even it was raining. I reached the venue and went to the hall where this interview session was goin on,to my surprise there was only two guys and 2 students for the interview,so I came out and called where was she?she said that she’s in a meeting n told me to go and take the interview and will come once the meeting is over.

i believed her and took the interview and asked them when will be my result they said an email would confirm my seat in the college.i came out and started calling her to my surprise she wasn’t picking my call and then I enquired the person who interviewed me about the girl he said only two of them came to city and the girl who called me didn’t come from bangalore,

listenening to this I got angry like anything and in anger I tried calling her she wasn’t picking my call I tried for nearly an hour like this then some guy picked it saying that she’s in a meeting I told him look boss I need to talk to her make her call me n went back to home angrily.

I didn’t feel like eating lunch and went to the system and sent sms’s saying that girls like u would hurt person’s feelings as if nothing and I said that bcoz of her am not gonna eat anything n sent the sms.In the evening I got a call from her I blasted like anything to her saying who gave u rite to play with a person’s emotions,then she apologised for her doings.

i said I want to be alone and kept the call and threw my mobile to corner of my bed and went to other room and slept as I need a time for myself I woke up after 3 hrs and went in search of my cell to my surprise there were 120 msd calls and 20 msgs saying that she is sorry and she can’t bear the thought that someone is being starved bcoz of her.

So I called her back saying its k and we can be friends n said that I came to interview just to meet her.we talked for sometime and I went for dinner and after dinner she called and talked sometime and slept.this continued for days,she said she had a bro and she lives in a hostel in bangalore and goes to her bro’s place every weekend who has a wife and 2 kids.

the talking went on everyday except for the weekend she’s afraid of her bro who is an ex army man.i had the urge to see her and she also had the same.we both send each other’s pics thru email.she was a little fat and medium dark in color her fgure was 36-30-36 but I liked her as there was something in her a kind of glow which attracted me towards her,she liked me too.

i took it to the next level and started doing sex chat daily.everyday she used to get heated up during the conversation and she said she want me to come to bangalore for meeting her.i planned for the trip n booked a hotel and started from my place and reached there at 10 am in the morning.

She called me and said that she’s coming in an auto to pick me up I waited and she came I got into the auto she was wearing a green salwar kameez and was lookin was taking turns and my shoulder and her shoulder touched for the first time she was shy and then I hold her hands and to my surprise her hand was cold.then we reached the hotel in 45 min.

I tooked the keys and we went into the room,locked the room and I told her to sit on the bed and went into the bathroom for a piss.then I came out she was just looking at me with love in her eyes then I went near her on the bed kept my hand on her shoulder and pressed it for signal.

she immediately hugged me tightly,then slowly shifted her to her side and I was on top of her and started kissing her passionately,our tongues were playing with each other then I started caressing her left boob and right boob in a sequential way.then I started pressing both boobs with our tongues playing with each other at the same time.

when I started pressing her boobs she started moaning.then I removed her salwar she was in bra.then I removed her bra she was topless I immediately started sucking her boobs her moaning increased a little bit this continued for 20 min and then I started licking her navel,my tongue was moving in n out of her belly button then my both hands were pressing her boobies then slowly I removed her kameez and removed her panty too, my god she was naked.

she had no hair it was clean shave near her pussy.her juices were out,then I started fingering in and out.It started with single finger,then two more juices were out I started licking them like a dog my tongue was going out n in,then she started saying comon fuck me I can’t wait then she started undressing me then my package came out which was erect 7″inch cock,

i kept it inside her mouth till she choked I started doin it by pressing her head in and out n I released my sperms inside her mouth she completely dranked it then I removed it from her mouth and kept my dick inside her pussy doggy style I started slowly and increased my speed steadily her moaning also increased after 10 min I cummed inside her.

then we both relaxed on the bed.after 20 min sleep we both went inside bathroom took bath together.during bath also we did doggy style for 20 min and cleaned our juices with water.then we ordered food for lunch at 3 pm then we did again at 5 pm this time other postures like head on pose sorry guys I don’t the name of the poses we 69 position she went back to hostel at 7 pm as it should look as she came back from work.

so that’s the way it ended.the next day I had train to catch in the morning from bangalore at 8:30 am she came at 6:30 in the mornin I got ready and we decided to start then she stopped me and said one last time then I said its gonna be late then she insisted

then I opened my cock and she started sucking it I was in heaven we did it for 15 min and we started I vacated the room and took the train went back home when I was leaving I have seen tears in her eyes that was really touching. this is my sex story hope u guys like it.

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