Sex with daughter after demise of wife

After the demise of my wife, I was totally shattered and could not stay alone in my house. My daughter, Latha 24, who was staying nearby asked me to move into her house. She had a son Arjun aged 5 who was going to the KG class and it was nice to have his company.

My son in law, Sharat was posted on promotion to Delhi and he was trying to come back to our home city and he was hopeful. That was the reason why he did not take his family to Delhi. Latha resembled her mother in all respects and whenever I see her I used to get memories of my dear wife. Her boobs were large and her ass was also large and rounded.

Narrow waist was very nice and it gave her a watch cloch shape. In the night Arjun used to go to sleep by 8 or 8.30. I may be lying my bed thinking about my wife and the nights I enjoyed with her. Latha having finished her chore used to come and sit with me. Sometimes she used to hold my hand to give me confidence. Sometimes she used lie by my side and talk.

I was just 50 and my sex faculties were very active. The smell of a female lying near me used to give me a kick and invariably I used to get an erection. What if she is my daughter, she too had the fragrance of a female which was very erotic. She made it a practice to lie near me daily. We used to lie for more than an hour.

One day she put her hand on my chest and was moving it to my abdomen. I turned to her and I too put my hand over her shoulder. She moved closer to me and her thighs were touching mine. While talking I extended my hand to her back and pulled her closer to me. Her chest was almost touching mine. I had a good erection, but I concealed it in my lungie.

Latha also put her hand around me and slowly she was coming near me. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. She brought her hand down and touched my erect cock. But she suddenly retracted and made her saree in order. But her hand came back again and touched my cock.

Perhaps she has had no sex for more than a month touching an erect cock would have certainly aroused her. What if it belongs to her father, cock is a cock. I pulled her face closer and gave her a kiss on her cheeks. It sent electric waves in her body. She hugged me and put her leg over me to pull me further closer to her. I put my hand over her boob and asked her to remove her blouse.

Latha without any demur got up, removed her blouse and the bra and her naked boobs were in front of me with her erect nipples. I made her to lie down and I took her nipple in my mouth and licked around it. She was taking deep breath and aalowed me to squeeze her boob and such the nipples alternatively. Her hand was searching for my cock and it caught it and held it firmly.

I slowly loosened her saree and tried to remove it. She removed her saree and the pettycoat underneath. She was in her panties only. I ran my hand over her body touching her pantie and thighs. Latha appeared to be very much aroused. She removed my lungie and made me totally naked. She bent over me and took my cock in her mouth.

Her tongue was playing with my cock and she wanted to give me a blowjob, but she did not know how to do it. I pulled her panty down. She raised her hip and helped me to remove it. Her pussy full of black hair was there. We had a dim light in the room and hence everything was clearly visible.

I touched her hairy pussy and rubbed it. I used to rub the pussy of my wife in a circulatory motion and she used to get aroused very soon because it stimulated her clitoris. I tried the same process with Latha. She opened her legs wide and started to talk incoherantly because of her excessive passion. I got up and rode and inserted my erect cock into her cunt.

It went in but her fuckhole was tight for my cock. She hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to fuck her slowly. I fucked her for about five minutes and then I lied down and asked her to straddle me. She put her leg across and rode me. She put my cock into her cunt and started to fuck me. I could see raw passion in her face. Her boobs were dangling in front of me.

I touched them with my hand and squeezed them. Latha was coming to her orgasm from the gurgling sounds she made. I too shot my fluids into her and by the spasms inside her I could understand that she is in the grip of a strong orgasm. She told me that she never had such a great sex before not even with her husband.

She got up and rushed to the bathroom and washed her pussy. I too went to the bathroom and cleaned my cock of all the fluids sticking to it. She looked at my face and said Dad, I dont know how I came have sex with you, but I needed it urgently. If not you I would have done with somebody.

I embraced her and told her not to worry and I am here always and would help her anytime she felt like having sex. I told her to take care of the safe days and if it is not safe to take the pill. She said it is fully safe for her. We fucked again that night after supper.

Thereafter she used to come to my room during day time and ask for sex. We fucked many times during the day and night. She did not wear any inner garments for easy access to sex. She removed all the hair in her pussy and we used to do oral sex also. Days went on fucking my daughter daily.

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