Small boobs of my daughters-1

Dear readers, this story is about me teaching my daughter how to have sex. My wife passed on about ten years ago, leaving me with four very young daughters.

It had been a hardship that we dealt with in due time and I have done my best to raise them on my own. To the best of my knowledge I have done a pretty stand up job, they are well behaved and well mannered little princesses, listed in order we have Shivani who is seventeen, Nidhi is sixteen, Priya whom is fifteen, and last but not least my sweet little 18 year old Kalpana. We live pretty far out in the Mumbaian wilderness so most of their schooling has been done by me at home. Well the story begins with me having my morning coffee and smoke out on our back sundeck, I dont smoke in the house because of the girls. Anyway, I had just showered, thrown on my housecoat and went out. I was sitting there sipping my coffee and listening to the critters in the woods when I caught movement in the corner of my eye, I turned to see Priya staring at me from behind the glass doors between her and myself. I didnt realize at the time that my housecoat had fallen open on one side, I caught for a split second the angle she was looking before she turned and walked away. When I looked down at where she had been staring, I saw that she had a clear view to all I have, a perfect side shot of my cock drooping over my big balls. It was the first time as far as I knew that she had seen a mans, let alone any males equipment. I didnt think much of it; I just covered up, finished my coffee then went inside and got dressed.

Over the next few weeks I noticed she had grown a fascination for dad, for lack of a better word, because every time we were in the same room together the first thing she would do is glance straight at my crotch.

A few weeks had passed since the sundeck incident, and I was having a very quiet and relaxing evening, the girls had been fed and the mess cleaned up, everyone was all tucked in nice and cozy in their beds, except Priya who was busy working on her latest home Schooling assignment at the kitchen table. I had settled in on the sofa with a good stiff drink and a book. At this point I was actually on my forth stiff drink when Priya came bounding around the corner and did her usual glance at the bulge of my crotch. She was in the middle of the living room and just standing there with an odd look on her face. So I asked, Whats wrong sweetie? she didnt say anything for awhile and then said. Shortly after I got my first period you and I had a talk about boys and girls and where babys come from and a thing called sex. You also told me that boys have sperm that are sort of like seeds that grow into babies in mommys tummies.

And you said boys have millions of them that want to get in me and it only takes one, so I shouldn’t have sex until I am ready to have a baby. Yes Priya that’s true, it only takes one sperm to make a baby. I replied. She almost cut me off with, “But Papa how do I know what not to do if I don’t even know what sex is?” “You talked about it and mentioned it a lot but never really told me what it was” “Will you show me and teach me what it is? So if a boy trys to do it, I’ll know whats going on?” “Please Papa Please” “I have been wondering about it a real lot ever since I saw your thing on the sun deck a few weeks ago, what did you call it?, Oh yea a penis”

I didnt know whether to burst out laughing or shit myself, or both. Here is my freckle faced fifteen year old with absolutely no idea what she is asking me to do. Standing there in a short checkered skirt, with a matching jacket over a white blouse, her long blonde hair framing a cute little face was cascading over her shoulders and down her back. She was a perfect picture of pure innocence, and had no idea that she had just asked her own father to bury his manhood in her cute young body.

I said “no Priya youre just too young to even be thinking about this stuff” if you have finished your homework then why don’t you go play with your toys or something and forget about it, its past bedtime anyway” And I got up to get myself another drink, hoping that when I returned she would have gone off to play or do something else. But when I got back, she was sitting on the sofa pouting. When she sat down her skirt had hiked up to the point I could see her little pink panties and a sweet feminine bulge. The very thin material had moved in such a way that it molded perfectly into the shape of her young tender lips, leaving nothing at all to the imagination.

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