Story of Rizwan and Fatima

Fatima was setting on the couch doing her crossword puzzle enjoying the peace and quite when she heard the front door open.

“Hey mom.” She heard as she felt her son’s lips on her cheek.
“Hey son. How was your date.” Fatima asked as her only son came and set down on the couch with her.

As Fatima set and talked to her son she began to see how much he looked like his father in his youth, only better looking.

Then a naughty thought came to the forty-one year old mother. One she shouldn’t be thinking. But, one she embraced and decided to act on.

“So was it a good date?” Fatima asked.
“I suppose.” Rizwan answered confused at the question.
“If that’s your answer, then she wasn’t.” Fatima smiled broadly waiting for the question.
“What do you mean?” Rizwan asked confused.
“Wellllll, how about I show instead of tell.” The chubby mother grinned naughtly looking her son in the eye.
“Okay.” Rizwan smiled confused watching his swxy, chubby mother slide off the couch and crawl in front of him.

“Mom! What are you doing!” Rizwan gasped as Fatima started unbuttoning his pants.
“Ssssh, you will wake your father.” Fatima grinned, with a twinkle in her blue eyes pulling her sons pants down as she looked her son in the face.

“Mom, we can’t do this.” Rizwan protested.

“We are not. I am.” Fatima grinned wrapping her chubby fingers around her sons rigid pole.”Now lean back, relax and enjoy yourself. Your about to get the best blow job of your life young man.” Fatima smiled up at her son opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the head of his pulsing prick head and swirling her tongue around it.

Slow, inch by inch Fatima took Rizwan’s hard prick into her mouth savoring and enjoying every youthful inch of it as it slipped past her lips.

Fatima enjoyed herself as she sucked Rizwan’s steely hard prick and sucked his hairless soft nuts.
She took her time with no rush and no cares as she enjoy the feeling of her sons hard cock between her lips.

“God I’ve missed this.” Fatima smiled leaning back slowly stroking Rizwan’s slick, hard cock.

“mom. You can suck cock.” Rizwan smiled.

“The best is yet to come.” Fatima smiled taking her sons cock back in her and stroking it as she took his nuts in her mouth looking him dead in the eye as she swallowed them.
“My god.” Rizwan moaned out in pleasure making his mother smile.
Fatima had a special trick she wanted to us on her son.
Placing a hand on each side of him, she took the tip of his cock in her mouth and slowly slid her lips down the length of his shaft swallowing his entire length until the large head of his prick was lodge deep in her throat. With a wink and the best grin she could give. Fatima started flexing the muscles in her throat giving Rizwan the best deep throat blow job he had ever had in his life.

“Fuck your gonna make me cum.” Rizwan hissed.

“Not yet stud.” Fatima giggled with a smile tugging on his nuts lighting killing his orgasm.

To Fatima’s delight. Rizwan got more and more into his mother sucking his dick and would grab a hand full of her blonde hair and pump hard into her mouth desperately trying to cum.
But, Fatima always knew how to make him do what she wanted and hold him off.

“You ready to cum?” Fatima smiled big as saliva run down her.

“Please.” Rizwan said in a begging voice making his mother grin with pride.

“Stand up. I want all the access to that sexy cock I can get.” Fatima smiled.

Placing a hand on each hip Fatima took Rizwan’s cock in mouth and started sucking him deep and hard with power unmatched by any girl before her.

“That’s it. .” Rizwan groaned as his mother swallowed his entire length and licked his nuts.

When Fatima new her son couldn’t hold back any longer. She wrapped both hands around his cock and started tugging on his powerful meat coaxing his sweat nectar out.

Rizwan looked his mother in the eyes with a intent look as he watched her cheeks puff out and her swallow hard till the pressure in his rigid rod had quit.

For another ten minutes Rizwan stood and watched his suck on his cock till he couldn’t stand any longer.

“that was good.” Fatima smiled locking her lips.

“That was awesome.” Rizwan smiled still breathing hard looking at his mother.

“Yes it was.” Fatima giggled. “And if keep it between us that will happen more often.” She finished with a naughty smile.

“Maybe next time I’ll show you a thing or two.” Rizwan chuckled.

“I might just take you up on that.” Fatima smiled.

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