Subha’s Burning Desire

Shubha washes the last of the dishes after dinner and switches off the lights. She then goes to her son’s room to check on him. He’s fast asleep. She picks up the things strewn on the floor and puts them on the desk in the room.

Then she moves towards her bedroom. Raj is fast asleep as well. She picks her night gown from the cupboard. A nice lacy one which makes her feel good about her. She looks herself in the bathroom mirror. A little bit of flab here and there. Otherwise, she’s alright for a working woman of 34 with a kid. Some doubt has invariably creeped into her mind of late. She and Raj had a very routine relationship with their share of joys and troubles. Lately, the dreaded familiarity had seeped into their lives and it had drained the sexual intimacy that existed between them. But tonight she knew she wanted it. She stepped out in her night gown and once again checked herself in the bedroom full size mirror. Running her fingers through her hair, she climbed on the bed. She placed her head on Raj’s outstretched arms and inched closer to him. He stirred a bit and went back to sleep. She ran her fingers across his chest, ruffling the sparse hairs and circled his nipples. Then moving her fingers along the middle of his chest, down his belly, she proceeded down south towards his sleeping cock and simultaneously pressed his cheeks with her other hand, to open his mouth. And pushed her lips onto his and thrust her tongue deep in his mouth.

Raj opens his groggy eyes and looks at his wife. Once in a while it happens that Shubha is in a very horny mood and he knows it when he’s awakened from sleep by her. Shubha is now holding his half erect dick in her hand and stroking it slowly. Raj stretches his arms around her shoulders and pulls her closer and they smooch again pushing their tongues in and out of each other’s salivating mouths. He kisses her on her neck and it sends a shiver down her body. Laying her down on her back he rubs his face on her breasts and bites the soft boobs beneath her night dress. Shubha is now warmed up and the temperature in the room rises up a few notches. Raj again rubs his face on her breast which is still beneath her satin night dress, while holding her boobs from both sides with his hands. She throws her arms above her head and grabs the pillows tight. He climbs above and again smooches her, biting her lips lightly. Slowly he slips the noodle-strap of her gown and grabs her boob in his hand and begins kneading it, all the while continuing to smooch her. Her erect nipples squeezes through between his fingers. Raj pulls his drooling lips apart from hers and moves it towards her tits. Then wrapping it around her swollen tit he begins sucking and pulling it hard and moves to the other nipple. After a good minute or two of intense tit sucking Shubha pulls him by the hair and again smooches him. He reaches his arm down and pulls up her gown to her waist. And then moves his hand towards her pussy. He realizes it’s been a while since they had sex, as the last time they had a go, she had a clean shaven puss and now there is a dense growth of curly pubic hair on her mound. The hair just outside of her hole is now bunched together wet from the juices from her pussy. She really wants it tonight. He takes his rock hard dick in his hand and rubs it at the entrance of her love hole. The penis head slips from the surface due to the excess secretion of her natural lubrication. Slowly he guides his meat inside her and begins rocking.

Shubha is in the throes of passion and feels her hubby all over, parting his bum cheeks, groping and digging her nails in them. She moves her hands all over his broad backside while he is thrusting his warm rod in and out between her legs. She can feel her breath getting heavy and the familiar sweet pain of imploding pleasure. Raj’s thrusting is now increasing in pace and he is grunting like a horse. Suddenly, his face convulses and flushes red while the thick veins in his neck stand out as he empties his load inside her. They lie there in a heap for a moment or two and then he stumbles to her right and takes a couple of shallow breaths. She gets up carefully and grabs a tissue to wipe off the cum trickling down her thighs and then goes to the bathroom to clean herself. When she returns back, she sees that Raj has pulled up his underwear and gone back to sleep. She lies down on the bed and begins thinking about the sex session and feels deeply unsatisfied. She was just getting warmed up and he ejaculated. Though it wouldn’t be fair to fault Raj as he tries his best, but still age seems to have caught up with him. Earlier he would last longer and even have multiple sessions in a night as well. But she knows that it can’t always be like that and body doesn’t stay the same over the years. Usually she would just roll over and go to sleep as well. But tonight she won’t. Shubha closes her eyes and her hand travels down her waist towards her legs and she pulls up her gown, places her palm over her pubic mound and slowly moves her fingers over her pussy lips. She parts the outer lip and presses the finger tips on her clitoris and slowly begins rubbing herself. She can feel herself getting wet again and takes a deep breath and exhales whispering “Shree”..As her fingers stroked the wet pussy lips and rubbed on the engorged clitoris, her mind wandered towards forbidden thoughts. It had been 8 years since she married Raj through an arranged proposal. Since then she had never seriously even had a fleeting thought of having a sexual affair. The usual attraction towards some random guys emitting strong sexual vibes was common. At most she would have eye contact and then enjoy the unabashed attention her breasts and other parts of the body received and that would make her feel good about herself. Of course the pent up sexual energy would be duly expended twice or thrice weekly when she and Raj would make love. But never before had she fantasized about another guy. But tonight she just wants to get a release from the sexual tension that had been building up for the last couple of weeks. As she lay there fondling her breasts and rubbing her clit furiously, she could see Shree’s arms, and his broad shoulders. She went further ahead and imagined how he would look without the ironed shirts and trousers he wore to office everyday. The day before when she was in the pantry and he was at the copier-scanner machine, she had let her eyes wander around and caught his tasty ass. She stared at it for a full minute, all the time wondering how it would look exposed, with his well toned glutes.

As she could feel the explosive feelings of sexual ecstasy building up inside her, she imagined Shree in her bedroom in his office clothes, the way she sees him day in and out. He is looking at her masturbating and she can see that he is getting hard beneath his pants, like the other day when she’d seen him get a huge bulge in his soft cotton pants when she had worn her sexy sleeveless dress to office and he couldn’t help staring at her armpits. She imagined him remove his shirt and and saw his chest and shoulders and it gave her an instant rush of breathless excitement just like she felt whenever she imagined him bare-chested at office. Then he removed his pant and in the low light streaming into the bedroom from the street light outside, the shadow of the bulge in his underwear looked prominent. She wanted him close, to feel the skin of his body against hers. He removed his brief and his semi erect dick sprang out and as he balanced himself on one leg to ease out of the underwear, his cock and balls hung and sway like a three-piece pendulum. She looked at them transfixed. As he approached the bed, she looked sideways at Raj who was sound asleep beside her. The thought of sharing her body, even in a fantasy, with another male, and that too while her hubby lay asleep beside her gave her a thrill and she rubbed herself with more intensity. Her lubricating juices streamed down from her pussy, between the ridge of her ass crack and wet the bed sheet beneath, as her vagina readied itself for expected action. As she imagined Shree reach the edge of the bed, she reached out her hand and gathered his swaying balls in the palm of her hand. Holding it in her hands, she pulled him nearer and helped herself up on her elbow. His dick was now within sniffing distance. Between her fantasy, she paused to wonder how Shree would smell like. All her life she had only seen, felt and smelt the private parts of one male. Somehow she couldn’t imagine if Shree’s penis would smell any different from Raj’s, who gave out a predominantly musky odor whenever she pulled out his cock from his underwear to give him a blowjob.

Coming back to her fantasy, she takes Shree’s still semi erect dick in her hands and feels it’s warmth and the thick veins crisscrossing around the shaft. She imagines it as an uncut penis like she had seen in the porn clips saved on her colleague’s cell phone. She wraps her fingers and thumb at the top of his dick and pulls down his foreskin to reveal the bright pink dickhead. It’s gleaming in the faint light and as she squeezes the shaft of the penis from the base to head it oozes another layer of fresh precum which trickles slowly down her hand. She can feel the dick harden and fill out in her palms. She now increases the pace of her stroking and her hand glides to and fro on his slippery dick. She knows the feeling and the effect it has on Raj whenever she gave him a hand job occasionally. She imagines Shree groaning in pleasure. He is now fully erect and strong. As her fingers stroke her wet pussy furiously, she knows she is almost three-quarter way towards a massive orgasm. A real proper orgasm in a long time. She imagines in the silent space of her bedroom, her hubby of 8 years lying beside her, and a man she lusts after, standing beside her bed, with a massive erection. She has to decide if she wants to keep her marriage vows and dismiss her fantasy or compromise on them and have the other guy mount him. She finds the second option easier as she is almost at the point of no return with her sexual feelings and she reasons that fantasizing isn’t really anything like doing the real thing. As she rubs her clitoris between her fingers, she resumes her fantasy. She holds Shree’s hand by the forearm and gestures to him that she wants to feel him filling her up. Slowly, taking care to not wake up Raj, Shree climbs on the bed between Shubha’s widely spread legs. She looks at Raj in dread. Now, as Shree has climbed up completely the bed is steadied and she heaves a sigh. Shree is now lying on top of her and his by now semi-erect penis and loosely hanging balls are resting on her pubic mound. They both lie in that state looking deeply into each others’ eyes. Then he moves his lips towards hers and presses them together in a deep, wet smooch. She knew that he loved her pink lips and saw him staring at her lips whenever she was speaking to anyone and her was in the background. As he kissed her she opened her mouth to feel his lips with her tongue. She feels his tongue pushing back and they continue it for a while. She slowly slips her hand between their bodies and holds his wet penis. She wants to make him rock hard and have him enter her. So she strokes his cock back and forth and like an obedient servant it begins to engorge and tighten. A couple of minutes of smooching, tits suckling, boobs squeezing and cock stroking later, Shree’s manhood is ripe and ready to explore the ragged terrain of Shubha’s feminine crevices. She holds the shaft of his dick and guides his swollen knob into the entrance of her pussy as he waits patiently. Once inside she looks again at Raj to ensure he is not woken up by the hushed activities going on beside him. Once sure that he is snoozing, she moves her hand along Shree’s sweaty back and down towards his muscled ass and signals him to get going. Shree slowly adjusts his hips and pushes the entire length of his meaty rod deep inside her hot and lubricated cunt hole. They both let out a deep sigh. He begins stroking her in measured paces and she moves her hips and belly to match his rhythm. Shree goes on slowly and steadily as his dick glides in and out creating a lot of friction and heat between their legs. Shubha is letting out lubricating juice from her pussy to ease the stroking and together they huff and heave to make each other cum.

They both occasionally glance towards her right to ensure that they aren’t getting too boisterous to wake up Raj, but the earlier sexual intercouse and semen discharge had evidently drained him and it doesn’t seem he’ll wake up anytime soon. Shubha is now fingering herself so hard now, the skin around her pussy is almost red with the rubbing. She can feel the bed rock slowly as Shree is pounding her and she can see him deep in lust and almost animalistic in the way he is sucking and biting her nipples and breasts. She too is highly aroused by his dominant behavior which is so different from Raj, who had turned mellower now and hardly shows the urge to control the flow of sexual activity and she had to make the move almost all the time. They have now been fucking for almost half an hour and though Shree has not lost his hardness and erection even once, he has not looked like cumming either. However she wants him to cum and reach the zenith of the sexual experience with her and wants to help him achieve it. Suddenly, she realizes that there is something she knows he loves about her and which will surely help him have a release. She had seen him innumerable times staring at her armpits at office. Couple of times she had deliberately lifted her arms to adjust her hair to give him a view of her little darkened patch of skin on the underarms and seen his pants swell up at the pubic area. He would stare transfixed and it gave her a high too. So while Shree is sliding in and out of her and nibbling her tits, she moves both her arms to her side and then, lifts them above her head and rests them on the pillow. Immediately, he notices it and gets drawn towards her armpits. The sweet fragrant smell of her sweaty pits fills his nostrils and he goes wild with excitement. She almost feels his dick harden a bit more inside her. The pace of his stroking increases and he rubs his face on the damp skin of her armpits and licks the salty sweaty pits. Now she is extremely excited too and they both grind their highly stimulated sex organs against each other and suddenly with a muffled groan Shree shoots his warm sticky load inside her in spurts. She can feel his liquid seeds ooze inside her pussy from his manly hose-pipe and dousing the fire that had been raging inside her for long. Just the thought of Shree cumming inside her cunt hole sends her into ecstasy and she explodes into a massive orgasm, with her vaginal muscles having multiple spasms and the intoxicating sensations rising higher and higher sending her into a different zone of pleasurable bliss. She imagines Shree collapsing on top of her as he climbs down from the peak of climax, suckling and biting on her tits. She too breathes heavily and rubs Shree on his back and neck. In a way she’s approving his sexual prowess and also comforting him for expending his energy to satisfy her. As she climbs down from the climactic peak, she realizes she has wet the bedsheets with her juices. She glances over to Raj and he’s still sleeping peacefully unaware of the fact that his wife was had just been brutally fucked by another younger guy, even if it was in her fantasy. She somehow feels a little guilty about it and moves close to her husband and wraps her arms around him. Raj wakes up and asks her what’s the matter? She replies “Nothing”. He hugs her and moves his hands petting her on her back and moves down towards her ass and suddenly stops with a start. He says “How come your gown is so wet?” She looks with a sly smile and buries her face in his chest. He says “So you just enjoyed yourself, haven’t you love?” They both hug each other in a tight embrace and drift off to sleep.

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