The Foreign Girl

This is Debu. I am 26 years old. I am pursuing history in higher studies. For this I have to go to many places for research. My professor told me one day that I will be joined by another foreigner for six months who has also a keen interest in history. I was glad to have a partner, as I sometimes found the research too much tedious. Presence of a partner would ease the complications. I was told to receive this person at the airport. Her name is Rachel. She was to arrive the next week.

In the next week I went to the airport to pick her up. I arrived late. Her plane had already arrived. I made my apologies. She was a descent girl with a descent mind. Not at all bitchy. We took a cab and arrived at her hotel. She was a blonde girl and has greatly maintained her shape. It seemed she took great care of her beauty and was neat and clean in every aspect from a little chit chat to serious discussions.

We used to discuss about our work, and when we were exhausted, we used to play pranks on each other. She never gets angry at my pranks. Once, I hid her bra which she had kept on her bed. She searched and searched when she became suspicious and saw me laughing. I was chased all around the flat (Kindly note this was not an angry chase but a playful chase). She caught me near the sofa or rather I let her do so, and then suddenly we went off balance and fell on the sofa. She fell on top of me. That was embarrassing for both of us. But she still was smiling. Anyways we got up and then again concentrated on our work. Another time I had gone to the bathroom, upon returning in towel I could not find my pants. Then I saw her holding the pants, and this time it was me chasing her. In a short time only I caught her. But then she did the most unexpected thing. She held one end of my towel and gave a sudden pull. The next thing I knew, was that the towel was in her hands and she still was laughing. Somehow I covered my manhood with both of my hands and demanded the towel back. She said if I wanted it back I have to remove both of my hands. I was quite taken aback. But I had no choice. I removed my hands and smilingly her eyes shifted from me to my penis. I didn’t know what was happening but I was getting hard, may be because of her gaze. I quickly asked her, she has got what she asked, now it was her turn to give me my towel.

She said she would give me the towel if only I allow her to to put it around me. I was becoming more excited by her words. So to avoid more embarrassment I complied with her. She came near me and started wrapping it over my waist from the back, then suddenly she put herself between me and the towel and tied the knot. The situation was inexplicable to me at that moment. She was deeply pressed against me.

“What are you doing Rachel?” I asked. She didn’t answer, just giggled like this was a sort of play to her. Then suddenly she pushed me to the bed and was lying on top of me with her crotch deeply pressed against me. I saw her face, she was smiling but this was not a playful smile, but a serious smile coming out from a serious face that demanded attention to her body. I didn’t know what happened but we saw ourselves kissing each other deeply within a few seconds. I then playfully said to her, “You know Rachel, this is not fair, you are clothed while I am not.” She was becoming hot, she said in a playful tone “No matter baby!” Saying this she started removing everything, while stilly lying on top of me, and in the next few seconds we were completely nude and smooching each other. Rachel was more active than usual, was kissing me hungrily all over. It seemed she hadn’t had sex in a while and was desperate for carnal attention.

Now she began to move her hands towards my manhood. I could feel the warmth around my penis. She was stroking it vigorously. A single stroke of her soft beautiful hands was sending me to gates of heavenly pleasure. Then she straddled me and placed the tip of my cock at her feminal opening. With a little pressure she slid my penis in her love hole. Her inside was warm and slippery. Had she gotten wet thinking of me without me suspecting anything? I couldn’t think no more, because she was jumping on top of me and and her soft boobs with light red areolas were inviting me to take them deeply in my mouth and suck their juice out. I did so. My hands were roaming all around her back from the shoulders to the ass, caressing every part, leaving none. She had embraced me tightly during her rides and was shouting “OH!! A-N-I-M-E-S-H I am cumming baby. Love me deeply baby!!” I was holding her firmly when her body shook and I could feel waves of orgasm flooding her body. She was trembling in ecstasy. After her orgasm had subsided, she started kissing me again. Telling me “Its your turn now ” she got off me and while kissing me started rapidly jerking the cock. I was nearing mine too. Only words could I say ” Rachela..”, I could feel the gush of hot man juice through my man-hole. She kept pumping my dick to take out the last drop. It was a heavenly feeling.

Minutes went by unnoticed. We were in other’s arms. After some time we sat up and embraced each other deeply with her legs over mine. And then she told me the most desirable thing every man wants to hear ” Debu, I never had such a good feeling in these years. Thank you very much Debu ” Saying so, she kissed me, her tongue was inside me. She explored my mouth with her tongue kissing me deeply. Our lips were deeply locked together.

Months went by. Whenever we got exhausted we caressed and loved each other. I could not count how many times I made love to her. She was only to stay for six months. The night before her departure, we made love the whole night. We departed as friends saying we would keep contact.

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