The gift – New year special Part 1

Tanu was exhausted after a long day of work. Even though it was New Year’s Eve, she had to put in a full day at the office. As a matter of fact, it was a long year, but Tanu was determined to become partner before 35 and that meant she only had a couple of years to work her ass off and that came at a price. A price her parents were not happy with since she was unmarried and with no kids. Hell, she didn’t have a boyfriend and she couldn’t even remember the last time she had sex. So on this popular party night, Tanu just wanted to curl up on the sofa with a nice bottle of wine and watch some Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. Those plans were quickly dashed when her best friend Nishu called up at 11pm saying she wanted to go out. Tanu was not feeling it. She repeatedly said no, but Nishu begged. Tanu felt bad, Nishu was going through a bitter divorce and she was struggling with the process. So finally Nishu convinced her by agreeing that they would go somewhere close by and that they would be done right after midnight. Just a few drinks and some laughs to prove they weren’t old and boring anymore.

The plan was to meet up at a neighborhood bar in 30 minutes where the crowd would hopefully be small. Tanu didn’t even bother changing from her work outfit. A simple pleated black skirt that barely covered her knee and a form fitting gray sweater with a tank top underneath. It was work appropriate, but not clubbing attire. However, it did show off her hard earned fit physique and genetically blessed curves. She did after all only make time for two things: work and gym. Nishu was early and she was calling Tanu non-stop, so Tanu buzzed her up and told her she was ready to go. A quick look in the mirror to make sure her hair wasn’t messed up and her light touches of makeup were still in place was all she could squeeze in before the loud knocks on her door followed by Nishu screaming for her to “Open Up”…and “Hurry Up”. As she ran to open the door, she suddenly realized she wore thigh high stockings to work that day and they were still on.

More pounding on the door and Nishu yelling so loud that the neighbors could hear, made Tanu wash away any thoughts of changing out of her stockings. So she kept them on and quickly opened the door to an already buzzed best friend.

“C’mon girl, it’s almost midnight already. Let’s go.” Nishu screamed like a sorority girl.

“It’s barely even 11:30. You need to slow down or you might not even make it to midnight.”

“I haven’t had a drink since I found out Peter was banging his secretary. So fuck him, fuck this shitty year, and fuck you because you are not wearing that shit.”

“I just came from work and I am not changing into something slutty. I’m not 25 anymore and neither are you.” Tanu exclaimed as she pointed to Nishu’s overly revealing outfit.

Nishu was dressed in a little gray mini-cocktail dress that showed off her petite and slim figure. Her erect nipples were showing through the fabric of the dress without the protection of any undergarments, the dress barely reached down to her mid-thigh and if she bent over the wrong way, you could see that she too was wearing black thigh high stockings. A pair of 4 ½ inch platform pumps completed the outfit that totally screamed out “I’m here for dick and I don’t care.”

Tanu shook her head, “I haven’t seen you wear an outfit like that in ten years and I remembered what would happen when you did. I thought we were just going out for a simple drink or two…not to do something we’ll regret.”

“I don’t regret anything anymore. Besides, I can’t just wear an outfit, because I can still pull it off? Because that slut of a secretary can’t be the only one who can wear this out and get people like my husband to want to fuck her. I CAN TOO…Because there is a slut inside of me too.”

Tanu wanted to respond, “Slut inside? What the fuck are you talking about?” But she held back because she could see the pain in her words. She could tell Nishu was fighting back tears and that the alcohol might be the only thing keeping her from losing it. Finally she exhaled and relented, “I’m not changing. Now let’s go.” She went to put her feet in a pair of comfortable flats when Nishu looked down and screamed at her, “You are not wearing those.” Nishu then quickly bent down and grabbed hold of the flat shoes and threw them across the hallway. Then she pointed a finger sternly at Tanu, “Put on some heels at least…”

When they got to the bar around the corner…Tanu already regretted putting on a pair of heels, especially since the only ones nearby that worked with her outfit were her classic pair of 4 inch patent leather Louboutins, otherwise known as the uncomfortable ones. Surprisingly, there was a crowd outside, but the bouncer had a hard time refusing two sexy Asian ladies from walking right in.

The bar was a little busier than Tanu hoped for and it was a mixed crowd of people of all races – well except Asians (Tanu and Nishu appeared to be the only two), and mostly young looking – but some looked around the same age as Nishu and Tanu. By the time they got to the bar counter and Nishu waved down the bartender it was ten minutes away from midnight. Nishu ordered a quick round of shots of tequila, which she quickly downed before Tanu could even reach for hers. Nishu barked for the bartender to keep pouring, which he did. Nishu and Tanu clinked glasses as shot number two for Nishu (and one for Tanu) went down the hatch. Nishu ordered two more and Tanu had to stop her from overdoing it so quickly. But Nishu was determined and it didn’t help that the bartender said the next two were on him. Tanu declined, so Nishu had the shot with the bartender much to her loud delight. She was being obnoxious and making quite a scene, which attracted a few eyes from their fellow bar mates.

One of those was Manish. In the crowded bar, few stood out like him. His chocolate colored skin blended with the darkness of the setting. His hulking six foot, 225 pound frame carved out a nice section of space for him at the opposite end of the bar counter and nobody dared to tell him to move. He drank the rest of his vodka straight and then hailed down the bartender that was serving the two sexy Asian’s down the opposite end of the counter. He slipped the barkeep a hundred and asked what they were drinking. He told them shots of tequila and he slid him another hundred and told him to pour two more and tell the ladies they came from him. The bartender nodded in approval and pointed to Manish when the loud Asian woman asked where the drinks came from? Manish smiled as one of the Asian ladies waved him over with a warm and welcoming smile.

Although the bar was crowded, a clear path opened up for Manish…either that or his muscular frame forced people out of his way. In no time, Manish was standing in between these two sexy Asians. One much friendlier than the other. He quickly found out their names…Nishu (the friendly one) and Tanu (the standoffish one).

“Shall we do another shot?” Manish offered.

Nishu quickly replied “Yes”, but Tanu barked “No”. Manish could sense the unspoken tension between the two and decided to help ease it, “Actually, no more shots. Let’s just wait until champagne at midnight…” It was only less than a couple of minute away. So he tried to fill in the time with some nice conversation.

“So you ladies ready to have an amazing year?”

The question was directed at Nishu even though he said it out loud to both of them.

Nishu was the only one to answer though, “Hell yea. This year sucked. Fuck this year.”

Manish was taken aback, “I sense some anger there. What made the year so bad?”

Tanu expected Nishu to fire off into a rant about her cheating husband, her failed marriage, her nasty divorce and everything else. So she was shocked when Nishu’s response was, “Well first off, I didn’t have any black cock this year. And there’s only 30 seconds left in the year.”

Manish laughed, “Well…I could make it work in that time. But no promises that it won’t carry over into the next year…or the year after that!”

Nishu looked like she was ready to jump his bones right there and then and Tanu felt she had to play interference. She finagled her way in between them and looked Nishu right in the eye and gave her that look. The look between friends that said you’re crossing the line and as your friend I can’t let you do that.

The loud count down from the crowd cut through their silent stares.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEARS!

As the crowd went wild and couples kissed and friends hugged, Tanu pulled Nishu away from the crowd and into the quieter hallway near the bathroom.

“What are you doing? This is not the way to get over what happened to you.”

“I know and I don’t care. I just want one minute where Peter and every fucked up thing is not the thought in my mind.”

“OK, but not him. Not him.”

“Yes, him. He looks like he could tear me apart. And I could use some tearing apart.”

“But…but, he’s black.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I don’t mean it that way. But it could be dangerous.”

“And fun and exciting…and just the person to bring the slut out of me.”

Finally, Tanu threw up her hand and said, “Fine. But don’t call me if you end up in trouble. I’m out of here.”

Tanu grabbed her things and stormed out. She took a look back to see Nishu already hot and heavy swapping spit with Manish.

Tanu stomped her heels on the sidewalk as she headed home. She would regret ruining her expensive heels later on, but right now she was just so angry at her friend. So angry that she turned around and headed back toward the bar. She caught Nishu and Manish just as they exited the bar.

“Fine, if you’re going to do this…then I’m coming with you.” Tanu ordered.

“Hey, that’s fine by me.” Manish shrugged.

Tanu continued, “To make sure she’s OK. And to make sure she gets home afterwards…that’s it.”

Off they went. Manish also had a place nearby, but it wasn’t nearly as nice or organized as Tanu’s place. It was a modest and small one bedroom with a lack of furniture. And the place was a mess. Clothes lying around, dirty dishes in the sink, leftover food and garbage everywhere. And the furniture was covered with crumpled up and half-laid out towels, blankets, and unpacked clothes.

Nishu asked Tanu one last time, “You really don’t have to be here. I’ll be fine.”

Tanu gave her the look back that she was not going anywhere without her.

Nishu shrugged her shoulders, “OK, I don’t plan on being quick.” as she grabbed Manish and led him into the equally messy bedroom.

Manish managed out a quick, “make yourself at home”, before the bedroom door slammed shut and the debauchery began.

The door may have been closed, but the walls were thin. And the first thing Tanu heard out of her friends mouth was “I want you to murder my pussy”.

Manish replied back, “You a little freak girl…I love it.”

Tanu barely made it to the couch before she heard Nishu scream out loud, “Holy fuck that’s huge.” followed by the shuffling of Nishu’s high heels on the floor inside the bedroom and the creak of the mattress. “I want that motherfucker inside me now.” Tanu shook her head as she flicked the towel and blanket to the side to make some room on the couch. She sat down on the couch with as little contact as possible like it was a public restroom and continued to hear the audio version of the porno happening inside the bedroom…

INSIDE THE BEDROOM: As soon as the door closed behind them, Nishu and Manish continued to be all over each other with deep, passionate kisses and hands exploring each other’s lustful bodies.

When their lips finally parted, Nishu looked Manish right in the eye and blurted out, “I want you to murder my pussy.” Her hand was down his pants and wrapped around his thick shaft, her brain mentally measuring the length and thickness of his cock.

Manish smiled back, “You a little freak girl…I love it.” as he spun Nishu around and pushed her toward the bed. He ripped off his shirt, unzipped his pants and kicked them off along with his boxers. Nishu was bent over assuming the position with her hands on the bed propping herself up. She looked back with her sultry eyes and saw Manish with his clothes off and his 9 inch cock pointed directly at her. “Holy fuck that’s huge” as she lifted up her dress to expose her ass. Her thin g-string barely covered her pussy and Manish quickly pushed them to the side to reveal Nishu’s damp pussy.

Manish leaned in and took a long lick of her pussy, which was already wet. Nishu barked back, “Hey, save that shit for later. Shove that big motherfucking cock inside me now.” Manish smirked and grabbed his cock at the base of his shaft. He pointed the tip directly at Nishu’s pussyhole and plunged the head in. They both exhaled and let out a mutual feeling of enjoyment. Manish pushed deeper overcoming the slight resistance of her tight pussy. Nishu slammed the bed and let out a “Oh fuck, that’s a big dick.” Manish slid his cock out just enough to leave the head still in between her pussy lips and then reached out to grab hold of her hips. He looked down to see half his cock glisten with the streaks of Nishu’s pussy juices. He then dug in and pushed forward burying his cock inch by inch into Nishu’s tight Asian pussy. The sensation was too great that Nishu had to bite her lip and bury her head in the bedsheet. When Manish was balls deep inside, Nishu’s head popped up as she exhaled again, “God yes, give me every inch of that cock. Open me up and tear me apart…” Manish happily obliged as he wrapped his hands around her lithe waist and began to slowly slam his cock in and out of her. Nishu began to moan and scream as her fingers clutched the bedsheet into a ball around her fists. At first her cries of passion were small, but as Manish picked up speed and intensity with his thrusts, her quiet expressions of pleasure immediately turned to outright banshee levels of ecstasy.

Manish was slamming into her hard as Nishu bellowed louder and louder, “Oh fuck…oh fuck…OOOHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKK!” Finally the sensation was too much for Nishu to take and she had to release, pushing her body forward as Manish’ dick popped out of her sopping wet pussy.

Nishu panted heavily as the pussy pounding left her gasping for breathe, “Oh my god, that dick is too good. It’s too much…it’s too much…my pussy can’t handle it.” Her body still bent over assuming the position with her ass pointing in the air.

Manish stared down at his stiff hard cock. It looked like his dick was dipped in condensed milk, there was so much white cream oozing down his shaft and forming a puddle around the base of his cock. The sight made Manish mad with desire to finish the job. “What do you think you’re doing?” he barked as he climbed knees first onto the edge of the bed behind Nishu. He wasted no time as he aimed his cock at her dripping wet pussy and pushed it all the way to the hilt. Nishu let out a loud cry again at the immense size and girth hit every nerve inside of her. This time Manish didn’t bother holding her waist, he intertwined his arms in hers, locking them behind her back like a prisoner. The force pushed her body up towards his and with his dick still buried inside of her, he continued thrusting upwards with maximum intensity. This time there was no where for Nishu to go as Manish was too powerful for her. She was a prisoner to his demands and his demand was for her to cum all over his cock.

“Ah…aaahhhh…no, it’s too much. I’m going to fucking cum…I’m going to cum all over your fucking cock…aahhh…aaahhhh…aaaahhhhh…I’m cumming. I’m cumming…I’M CUMMING!”

The orgasm was so intense that once Manish released her from his hold, Nishu’s body instinctively reacted by spasm-ing and compacting into a sexual yoga position. Her ass pointed higher into the air with her knees jumping up off the bed and her weight supported by her hands and elbows. She buried her head into the sheets again and moaned muffled cries of passion as the orgasmic high lingered in the deepest recesses of her body.

Manish let her come down from her orgasmic high admiring his ability to make her cum and squirm. He stared down at his cock and it was even more soaked with white cream than before. “OK, that was round one.”

Still gasping for breathe Nishu responded, “I think you win by knockout.”

“Oh no baby, I’m trying to make this one go the distance.”

“How many rounds are there?” Nishu smirked.

“As many times as I can make you cum baby.” Manish winked back as he pushed her ass back down toward his lap and shoved his cock back inside.

“I can’t…I can’t…please let me suck your cock. My pussy needs to recover some more.” Nishu begged.

Manish accommodated her request as he eased out of her sore pussy and then made himself comfortable in the middle of the bed. He rested his head on the pillow with his hands interlocked behind his head and positioned his body in the spread eagle position with his rock hard cock the center of the world, pointing straight up at the sky for Nishu to please at his will. Nishu crawled over to his cock and grabbed hold of his shaft. “Oh my god, is that all from me?” Manish only smiled back with no need for a response. Nishu teasingly licked the tip and gently bit the head as she glanced over at him with a big smile on her face. She then closed her mouth around his cock and took a long slurp of the cock head. When she released the cock from her mouth, tasting the tangyness of her pussy juices, she remarked, “Wow, you really made my pussy wet. I’ll really made a mess.” She then greedily slurped, sucked, and swallowed his cock over and over…up and down…up and down…making loud noises with her mouth as she enjoyed his powerful dick.

“Mmmm…I love the taste of my pussy on your cock.” she cooed as she jerked the top half of his cock and focused her mouth and tongue on the puddle of her cum that was starting to cake around the base of his cock.

Meanwhile, Manish had reached over and pushed the top of her dress down to let out her little B cup tits. After she licked him clean, she was told it was time for “Round two”. Nishu climbed her way on top of him, placing one leg on each side of his body until his cock was pointed straight up at her ready pussy hole. She reached down and grabbed his cock and then eased herself down on his cock until it disappeared deep inside of her. She then shuffled her body around a little until she was in the perfect position to ride his big black cock. She started slow, gliding back and forth on his cock working up a rhythm and re-coating his dick with her slick pussy juices. She gyrated and bucked her hips like she was riding a mechanical bull when Manish ordered her to dig her heels into the bed and squat on his cock. Nishu was a bit hesitant, but Manish could tell her to do almost anything right now and she would oblige. So while acrobatically keeping his cock buried inside her pussy, she swung her legs up and squatted on his cock with her heels barely finding a footing in the soft bed. “Now bounce on that cock.” Manish ordered as he placed his hand underneath each thigh to provide support.

Nishu was a bit shaky at first, but eventually she found her balance and starting bouncing hard up and down on his cock…all 9 inches of it. She once again found her rhythm and using her hands on his chest as additional support, she began to really pounce…8 inches with each bounce up until just the tip was still inside her, and then slamming down with all her might until she was balls deep. Over and over, she rode his cock with the same repetitive motion as the force and intensity caused the bed to shake and creak. The metal headboard rattled and banged against the white wall, leaving marks and dents. Only the sound of Nishu screaming and moaning overshadowed the noises from the bed. Finally, it was too much for her and her thighs were starting to burn from the awkward position of squatting in 4 1/2 inch heels and she feel over like a jenga tower. She collapsed into his chest as her feet kicked out from underneath her, until she was resting comfortably on her knees again.

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