The internet incest Part 1

I always thought this was just a faze I was going through. Incest had been a constant fantasy of mine for the past year and a half, but I thought that was all it would ever be, a fantasy. I would spend my nights on the computer surfing the web for any and all incest that I could find. There is something about the mother/son story that turns me on like no other porn I’ve ever watched or read. It was only a matter of time before I started lusting after my own mother. Being only 18, it’s natural that my every waking thought is about sex. What’s not normal is that all of those thoughts are about my mom, and what I would do to her if I had the chance.

My mother, Kiran, is about 5’6″, with a slim figure and perky, firm tits. Her shoulder-length brown hair frames her pretty face with no sign of aging. At 40, her ass is definitely her best feature. It’s big and firm and shakes when she walks. I always try to find a reason to walk behind her so I can stare at it.

It is absolute torture to lust for your own mother. Living in the same house as her, watching her dust bookcases and pickup the laundry in my room, I would always try and sneak a peek, hoping to see a bit of her thigh or, to get completely luck, the flesh of her tits. I would watch her all day every day. Whenever we were eating dinner all I could think about as she put the food in her mouth was that it should be my cock going between those lips. A few times I’ve had to excuse myself to the bathroom to beat off real quick because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

One night I was on the computer looking for a video of a mother and son with a mom that looked like my mom, when i received an e-mail. It was sent anonymously through FSI as feedback. The message read: Hi, I’m a mother who is filled with lust for my own son. I think about him all day and all night, even when I’m in bed with my hubby. please role play with me so I can relieve a little tension. please son, do it for mom.

I had never actually role played with someone online before, but the idea that there was an actual mother out there who desperately wanted to fuck her own son, and that I could play the part of that son, and tell her all the things I want to tell my own mom, I can’t remember the last time I was that turned on. I wrote her back immediately, telling her that I would tell her everything she wanted to hear, and more. I told her how I would watch her whenever I could, and that I would get so turned on just having dinner with her that I would have to relieve myself. I told her that every time she took a shower I wanted to rush into the bathroom and fuck her from behind over the sink, until I shot my load deep into her pussy while she begged for more. As soon as I hit the send button, I had to jerk off just thinking about some woman out there that would soon be masturbating while reading my letter. I couldn’t wait to see how soon I would get a response.

I checked my e-mail the next day, nothing. For three days all I could think about was whether or not I would get a response, and what it would say if I did. Then, on the fourth day, I found an e-mail waiting in my inbox that read: Ooooooohhhhhhh baby……it makes me so hot to hear that from you. All I ever think about is sucking your hard cock until I feel your hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. I would suck you off so much better than any of those inexperienced little whores at school would. I can’t wait for you to fuck mommy’s pussy in every position in every room of the house. One time I heard you jerking off in your room at night when you thought I was asleep, and I stood there outside your door and dropped my pants and stuck my fingers up my cunt. I came so hard thinking about you just a few feet away from me stroking your cock I thought for sure you’d hear me, and part of me was hoping you would.

By the time I finished reading the message my dick was so hard I barely touched it and I came in my pants. It was about 11 o’clock at night so I was pretty sure my mom was already asleep, but I had to run to my room and get cleaned up as I was afraid she would catch me with my pants full of cum. I had came so much it stunk up the whole computer room. Luckily the computer room was only two doors from my room and my mom’s room was at the end of the hall, so I didn’t have to go past her room to get to mine. I quickly changed my underwear and pants and headed back to the computer room to reply to the incredibly hot e-mail. On the way back to the computer room my mom was coming back to her room from the kitchen. She frowned at me, saying that I looked like I was coming down with the flu. She said I was pale and looked like I was sweating. I was sweating, partly due to the e-mail, partly due to the fact that my mother was standing in front of me in an albeit conservative sweat pants and sweatshirt, but the sweatshirt had a zipper in the front that was just low enough to reveal a super thin tank top and about an inch of cleavage. And even though I had just dumped a bucket of cum into my pants, I still popped another raging boner at the woman of my every fantasy, the woman I constantly checked out and imagined myself fucking. I told her I was fine and that I was just worried about a big test I had the next day as I hurried past her to the computer room.

I wrote another e-mail, this time telling my internet lover that I would have thrown my door open and fucked her right there in the hallway if I had known that she wanted it so bad. I described in detail how I would throw her against the wall and wrap her legs around me as I pumped my cock in and out of her wet and wanting pussy. I told her how I would have cum in her mouth, pussy and ass before the night was over, and that from that night on I would have made sure to fuck the shit out of her at least once a day.

This time I got a response right away. The e-mail, this time from a different address, asked me if I wanted to join her in a chat room to allow the responses to be instant.
I chose the name wannafuckamom18. The conversation went as follows:

sonfucker38: Hello there son, I’ve been waiting for you.

wannafuckamom18: Hi momma, I’ve been waiting for this. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hold you in my arms and feel your tits pressed up against my chest.

sonfucker38: yeah? you’ve been a bad boy lusting after mommy like that. what do you think the neighbors would say if they saw you watching me from the window when I’m sunbathing outside, your eyes wide as your obviously jacking off?

wannafuckamom18: I don’t care what they would say. when I see you doing anything it turns me on so much, just walking down the hall or drinking a glass of water, I can’t help but get hard at the sight of you mommy. I know it’s wrong.

sonfucker38: It can’t be wrong if we both want it so much. I’ve seen the way you look at me, with those horny eyes that practically beg me to fuck you. what turns you on about me?

wannafuckamom18: everything, the way your ass shakes when you walk, those luscious lips I always wish were wrapped around my cock. will you suck my cock for me mommy?

sonfucker38: mmmmmmm, I can just imagine what your cock tastes like, I would suck it so good for you baby.

wannafuckamom18: oh god that would be so good, to feel your lips around my dick, watching your head bob up and down. what are you wearing?

sonfucker38: a sheer black nighty that shows off my nice fat tits and ends just above my pussy. I’m not wearing any panties so I can play with my clit while I talk to you. take your cock out for me son

wannafuckamom18: you want me to stroke it?

sonfucker38: yeah baby, I want you to pump that big huge cock in your hands and imagine it was my pussy grinding up and down it.

wannafuckamom18: I wish it was your pussy I was fucking.

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