The internet incest Part 2

I was so into the conversation that I almost didn’t hear the sound of my mom opening her door. I knew that she had to walk by the door to the computer room so I desperately starting closing the windows that I had open. She opened the door to my room and called my name when I wasn’t there. I had barely finished opening an old paper that I had saved on the computer so it looked like I was doing homework when she got to the computer room. “There you are, still doing homework I see.”

“Yeah mom, figures this paper would be due the same day I had a big test huh? I was trying not t look at her because I was afraid my face would let her know how horny I was.

“Can you help me with something?” she asked. I immediately frowned. I was so close to cumming from the internet conversation and now it appeared I wasn’t gonna have a chance to relieve myself for a while. “I just can’t figure out this laptop. I’m afraid I was never very computer savvy.”

I looked up at her in surprise. “When the fuck did she get a laptop?” I thought. She was holding the laptop in her arms, with the screen facing her. With a confused face she was hitting buttons saying that she just couldn’t get it to work. Then mom put the laptop on the desk in front of me. What I saw made my mouth drop and my dick hard. There on the screen of my mother’s laptop, was the chat room conversation that I had been having with my mysterious internet lover.

She reached over me and put her hands on the keyboard. “You think I didn’t see the way you’ve been looking at me?” she typed. It showed up on the screen as sonfucker38. I could feel her nipples harden against my back. A chill went down my entire body and ended in my cock. She touched her lips to my ear and whispered “It’s true what I said about masturbating outside your door when you were jerking off.” I didn’t know what to say. I sat there frozen. This was the moment I had been dreaming and fantasizing about for as long as I could remember. It had been on my mind every waking minute, vexing me. And now this woman was about to be mine. Her hand slid off the keyboard and into my lap………..

I couldn’t believe it. It felt like the first time I found a video on the internet that I was sure was incest. It couldn’t have been true. But it was. My own mother, who had been the object of my fantasies for so long I didn’t remember what it was like to jerk off to a woman other than her, was now stroking my rock hard cock through my jeans. I almost fainted. Luckily it was her that took the lead. She leaned her head down and lightly kissed my neck. Her kisses slowly turned to sucking as her hand movements over my dick became more vigorous. Then she whispered into my ear, “c’mon son, this is what you’ve wanted isn’t it? and it’s what I’ve wanted too, so so bad.” This snapped me back to reality. Everything she’d said to me, as my mom and as my mysterious internet lover rushed back into my head as I actually felt my rock hard dick pulse with understanding.

My hands flew to the desktop computer, where I quickly set up the web cam to show up on the screen. I heard my mom groan with lust behind me, and I got up out of the chair and moved it out of the way. I grabbed my mom by the hips and guided her to where her hands were on the computer desk, and I was standing behind her. I pushed myself onto her and reached around and rubbed her pussy through her pants. I could feel how wet she was. “Is your pussy wet from the talk we had on the internet, sonfucker? I felt and heard her cum when I called her by her chatroom name.

“Fuck me son, fuck me!” she breathed as I started to pull down her sweat pants. She had no underwear on, and when I pulled her shirt ad sweatshirt off she was standing in front of me completely naked. Her perfect body was the one I had worshipped for so long, and now it was mine.

I started to unbuckle my belt. “wait, wait a second.” I thought it was the end of the experience because she had come to her senses or something. “No, don’t stop, take ’em off, just give me a second.” She turned to the computer and I jumped out of my clothes. I couldn’t see what she was typing, but then she backed off and pulled me to her, grabbing my cock and spoke into the camera, “This is my son, and we’re about to fuck for the first time.” My eyes lit up. This was heaven for adolescents who wanted to fuck their moms everywhere. And it was the greatest thrill of my life.

Mom got down of her knees, positioning it so the camera had a great shot of my cock, and hungrily sucked it down like she was a starved animal. I had to try so hard not to cum right there. I managed to look into the camera and give a wicked smile. Luckily, mom wasn’t expecting me to last long, so after only a little bit of sucking she got back into the position she was in before, staring right into the camera, and said those magic words again, “Fuck me son, fuck me!”

I grabbed my dick by the shaft and guided it into her waiting pussy that was staring at me from between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as I thrust my cock all the way into her wet snatch. I pulled almost all the way out and slammed it into her again. She screamed in pleasure, putting her head down and begging, “Yeah son, fuck me hard, harder, I’ve wanted you for so long ahhh fuck me yeah like that ahhh fuck thats good.” I managed to keep from cumming for a few minutes, but after that the taboo of fucking my own mother and posting on the internet for other people to watch, was too much for me. I told her I was gonna cum, and she practically jumped off my cock. Not because she didn’t want me to cum inside her, because later I did. “I wanna catch that cum in my mouth, I love it when moms on the internet swallow their son’s cum, that’s always my favorite part.” Hearing her say that added like a gallon of semen to the load I was already blowing over her face and tits and the computer desk and her hair. There was cum everywhere. And she immediately turned to the camera after I was done and started gathering it all into her mouth. Off her face and her tits, even out of her hair. Then she looked at me and asked me to point the camera at her as she slurped the ropes of cum off of the computer desk. She looked straight into the camera and said, “Thanks for watching my son fuck me, and cum all over me. My son’s cum tastes soooo good. mmmmmmm. We’ll post again soon, bye now.” She reached to the mouse and hit the stop button.

She looked up at me. “Was that as good as you thought it would be?” I could only nod, back into a state of shock at how beautiful a sight it was to see my mother’s incredibly sexy body still shiny from the load I just dumped on her face. “Would you wanna fuck me again?” I nodded even more as my face lit up into a perverted smile. She had the same smile on her face. “Good, because Ive got a lot of things to teach you son.” She gave my now not quite so soft cock another slurp, and stood up. She grabbed my hand and led me into her room.

Still want more?

I didn’t know what was in store for me as my naked mother now led me to her room. But I knew that I was completely addicted to the act of fucking my own mom. And I could tell by the extra shake she put in her ass that she was totally into it as well. As we neared her room, she turned her head and winked at me. “Here comes the start of your lesson son,” she said.

I gave her a quick smack on her ass. “The only lesson I’m interested in learning,” I grabbed her and pushed her down on the bed, “is how you like your pussy licked.”

Mom gave out a deep growl as she reached for the back of my head. I teased her at first, not letting her pull my head into her pussy but leaning in close enough for her to feel my warm breath on her wet clit. I continued to tease her, letting my tongue lick the insides of her thighs, lightly at first, and then wetter and longer. I slowly made my way up both her thighs until I got to that warm little honey pot at the center. At first I gave her the slightest lick. Even at that she moaned and groaned. “Please baby, mommy needs you to eat that pussy and make mommy cum. Please son, make mommy cum.”

At that I dove into her like a swimming pool, licking for all I was worth. I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her, and then took long slow licks up and down until she squeezed her legs against my head. She yelled out about how she was coming, and about how good of her son to make her cum so hard. I was worried one of the neighbors would hear, as this was not the kind of thing you want getting around. But in the heat of the moment my mother didn’t care. All she knew was that she was cumming, and that I was making her cum. But I wasn’t done yet. I held her down by the waist and ate her out until she came and came and came. No matter how hard she bucked and wriggled, no matter how hard she came, I just kept licking and licking and licking. She did keep saying “I’m gonna repay you, I’m gonna repay you…” among her moans of pleasure, and I just licked harder and faster as I thought about what my reward would be.

Finally my tongue started to cramp up and I slowed down while my mom began to calm down. I gave her pussy one final lick and then crawled up onto her body and pressed my face into hers. Her tongue eagerly darted out of her mouth into mine to taste herself. She seemed to enjoy it as she breathed deeply and grabbed the back of my head as we kissed deep.

“Oh my God! Where did you learn to do that?” she laughed.

“Movies, stories?” I told her, I had had a girlfriend prior, and she let me finger her a lot, but never more than that. This was my first time eating pussy, and judging by the way my mom was still breathing deeply, I think I did pretty good.

“Well, you’re gonna have to show me what movies and stories taught you those skills.” She reached down and cupped my dick, “Are you ready for your reward?”

“Definitely!” I kissed her hard as she began to stroke my cock into full hardness. “What are you gonna do for me mommy?” I asked her. I kissed her neck, slightly licking it. “Are you gonna make me feel good momma?” I whispered into her ear.

She gave my dick a squeeze. “I just don’t know how to repay you for making me cum so hard. What do you want me to do baby? Mommy will do anything you ask.”

I bit her earlobe. “Anything?” I asked her as I looked her in the eye. “Anything I ask?” She nodded and licked her lips. I quickly rolled her over onto her stomach and got on top of her. I grabbed my dick and gently pushed against her rosebud asshole. I’ll never forget her reaction.

“Oh baby darling! Does son want to fuck his mommy’s asshole? Does son want to take his reward by shoving his cock deep inside mommy’s ass and fucking mommy hard until you shoot that hot sticky cum deep inside me, deep inside my ass? Oh, Honey! Yes! Take it son! Take your reward! Fuck my ass hard baby! Fuck it deep! Fuck it son! Fuck it! That’s it, fuck mommy’s ass!”

I soon had the whole of my cock in my mother’s ass and was pounding her back and forth, enjoying the way her face would shake with every thrust of my cock. Her eyes were shut tight, and her face was contorted as if she were in pain. I would have stopped, except for the fact that she was egging me on, begging me, challenging me to fuck her harder every time. I had a handful of hair and was using it to gently pull her harder onto each thrust. And when she came from getting fucked in the ass, with neither of us playing with her pussy or nipples, it was the loudest she has ever been in our entire incestuous affair.


When she finally stopped shaking, we lay in each other’s arms and fell asleep, naked, with my cum dripping out of her ass. Neither of us would wake up for 10 hours, at which point we would immediately start fucking and sucking once more. I had turned my mom into a sex crazed whore, and she craved my cock night and day. And I was more than happy to give it to her.

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