The Secret of the Kapoor Cunt

Life is complicated no matter who you are. The grass always seems greener on the other side but more often then not that is not the case in reality. Now imagine being a gorgeous celebrity and people running around at your finger tips just to fulfill every stupid demand of yours. Millions of fans dying to just catch a glimpse of you and some of the most powerful and famous people in the country and abroad confessing to be in love with you. Sounds amazing and unbelievable doesn’t it? Well not if you are Kareena Kapoor. Arguably the most gorgeous and famous actress in Bollywood today and who has the world at her feet but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any problems of her own. Problems like when she caught her good for nothing ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor screwing the “behan ji” type b-grade heroine Amrita Rao. Funny how the prick was having problems getting a hard on lately when they tried to have sex yet was hard as rock when he was fucking that slut doggy style. She was hurt and angry and promised herself that she will never get involved with an asshole like him yet just a few days latter she was in the arms of the “chote nawab”.

At first Saif seemed like a perfect guy to her and he was not even bad in bed either. Guess the years of practice screwing an old cow like Amrita Singh must have done it’s trick. Slowly though like any other relationship they started having arguments and even the occasional fight. She even started getting irritated by him. He spend more time in making sure he looked good then she did and was it her who was imagining that he gave compliments to every good looking guy that he comes across? Early on when he started his carrier their were whispers of chote nawab having “nawabi shock”(gay) and their were even rumors about him and Akshay Kumaar being lovers. Is it possible that he really is gay? She couldn’t help thinking sometimes. “One thing is for sure, if I’ll ever catch him with anyone else no matter who or what sex they have, I’ll chop his balls off and shove them in his own shaved ass.” She thought and couldn’t help smiling at her sick thought.

As if things were not bad enough already, her gynaecologist moved abroad. She had a pussy that was very sensitive and like the rest of her has an high maintenance. That meant atleast twice a month visits to her gynaecologist. How will that be possible now? One night when Saif returned exhausted from the film studio, he was feeling horny but when he reached home Kareena was fast sleeping. Atleast she was sleeping nude as always so he just parted her legs apart and without doing any oral sex just inserted his hard dick in her sexy cunt. She woke up screaming with pain but her screams only made him hornier and he kept on fucking her till he ejaculated deep inside her. Due to that dry humping, the next day her sensitive cunt was red as strawberry. She just ordered her secretary to fix her an appointment with the most famous gynaecologist in Mumbai at once and he somehow managed that. It was only when she went to his clinic that she realized that the most famous gynaecologist in Mumbai was infact a man. She felt uneasy when he read his name Dr.Manoj Desai and was thinking about going back when she saw the doctor as he came back from his lunch break. He must have been in his early fifties. That calmed her nerves down. It’s not a big deal she told herself. After all her sister Karisma has a male gynaecologist for years now and went for her check ups even more then Kareena. Looks like all the ladies in her family were blessed with high maintenance pussies. As she was busy trying to convince her, a heavy male voiced called her name. When she looked up Dr. Manoj was standing their smiling gently.

Dr. Manoj: “Please follow me dear.” He said a lead her towards his office. After small introduction he asked her how he can help her?

Kareena: “Doctor I have a very sensitive vagina. For some reason it has turned quite red and I’m even feeling some pain.”

Dr. Manoj: “Don’t mind me asking dear but did this happened after you has sex?” She wasn’t expecting him to ask such questions.

Kareena: “Err….I’m afraid that might be the case.”

Dr. Manoj: “Please don’t mind me asking dear but was it rough sex? I mean did you get lubricated properly before intercourse?” She was shocked to hear him ask that but could understand the reason.

Kareena: “I…..I’m affraid so doctor.”

Dr. Manoj: “Kareena you must understand that vagina is the most sensitive body part of the body and you should take good care of yours. Rough sex can lead to all sort of diseases. Don’t worry though I’ll give you some lubrication today. Next time incase of a hurry just use it.” She was just speechless now and somehow mumbled slowly….

Kareena: “Thanks.”

Dr. Manoj: “Anyway I want you to go and change in to the hospital gown please so I can examine it.” She stood up and went inside the bathroom to change in to the gown. As she came out of the bathroom in front of wearing the thin hospital gown and nothing inside it, she was feeling more naked then when she slept without any clothes at night.

Dr. Manoj: “Please dear come and lie down on the bed and just feel relaxed.” As soon as she was laying down on bed, he started removing her gown from her legs and kept on rolling until even her belly button was showing.

Dr. Manoj: “Very nice. You have a very beautiful vagina.” She started blushing upon hearing that and just close her eyes embarrassed.

Kareena: “Thanks.” She manged to reply somehow.

Dr. Manoj: “Yes I can see your pussy has turned really red. It’s a good thing you came at once since this could be a serious infection.” That made her really worried.

Kareena: “Please doctor help me. Can you fix that?” He parted her legs wide apart and started looking seriously towards her pussy. She was so worried that she didn’t even worried about her legs were so wide apart and him taking a good look at her love hole. He started gently touching her pubic hair and replied.

Dr. Manoj: “Kareena I can’t look at your vagina skin properly due to your pubic hair being all over it.” Once again her face went blood red upon hearing that. Yes it was true that she didn’t trimmed her pubic hair for some time now as she was busy shooting for films 16 hours a day and hardly had any time for her.

Dr. Manoj: “Don’t worry I’ll fix this as well.” As she was laying their confused he came back from the bath with a shaving kit. He can’t really be thinki…..even before she could wrap her head around this, the good doctor started applying shaving gel gently on her pussy. The soft gel and gentle shaving brush started feeling good on her pussy and she just closed her eyes and started biting her lower lip. After a few minutes of thoroughly applying the gel he started removing her pubic hair with the shaving razor. Embarrassed she kept her eyes closed. Once finished the doctor cleaned her pussy with a wet towel and looked proudly at her shaved red pussy.

Dr. Manoj: “Now that’s what I call a clean vagina.” She couldn’t believe what was going on and kept her eyes shut. He started applying some kind of oil on her pussy with his fingers. It was feeling so good as he started messaging her pussy and clit expertly. Within seconds she was fully turned on and to her horror her pussy juices started flowing.

Dr. Manoj: “That will stop it from getting any more red. Unless of course this is an infection. Let me take a closer look.” He said that and inserted 2 fingers inside her.

Kareena: “AHHHH” She screamed with both surprise and horror.

Dr. Manoj: “Just relax dear.” He said and took his face really close to her cunt. She could even feel his hot breath on her pussy now as his fingers kept going in and out and opening her vagina. It felt more like getting finger fucked then any examination and to make matters worse her body was fully turned on now as pussy juices were flowing out of her cunt more and more. She closed her eyes tightly and started praying that this will be over soon.

Dr. Manoj: “Well I’m still not getting a clear view inside your vagina. Can you please get on your all fours while your legs as wide apart as possible?” She was stunned when she heard that but to her horror she was doing exactly that. It seems her body was now not in any condition to control itself. As she was laying head down in a doggy position with her legs wide apart, for a few minutes nothing happened and she was too embarrassed to open her eyes and see what that doctor was doing? Then out of nowhere she felt her already wet pussy getting messaged by him again. This time he was using his hand properly and it wasn’t gentle either.

Kareena: “AHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH” She was like a bitch caught on fire and her body was burning with lust. She lost all her senses as the good doctor started finger fucking her with one hand while messaging her clit with the other one. Then she felt some thing hot like hell on her love valley. It was way thicker then any finger could be. With a powerful thrust of his hips, he inserted half of his 8 inches long thick dick deep inside her pussy.


Dr. Manoj: “This is called analyzation of the cunt you bitch. Now take it deep inside you.” He started fucking her like a cheap whore and pushed one finger inside her tight asshole.

Kareena: “AHHHHHHHHH YOU SON OF A BITCH! I’ll fucking kill you!” But the good doctor committed to curing the pussy of Kareena kept on fucking her deeper and deeper. He was slapping his ass tightly form time to time and her ass cheeks were now red like they were bleeding. To her shame she reached her orgasms twice moaning loudly and was even screaming….

Kareena: “YES YES keep fucking me YES YESS YESSSSSSSSSSS” Finally Dr. Manoj shot his hot semen deep inside his lovely patient. When his dick turned limp, he took it outside of her pussy and went inside the bathroom. She kept on lying their embarrassed as his semen slowly came outside of her now wide open cunt. She slowly went inside the bathroom when he came out. She changed back into her clothes and came out and started going towards the exit door when she stooped and turned around.

Kareena: “Doctor I was wondering can you examine my vagina again next week?”

Dr. Manoj: “I would love to.” He replied while winking at her.

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