Vikrant- My brother

Hi readers, I am Shipra. Being a regular reader of this website, I thought I’d share another story of me and my brother’s big cock. I realized just how big my brother Vikrant’s dick was about half way thru my freshman year of college. Coincidentally, that was about the same time I learned how much fun it was to prick tease guys. My favorite prick tease has always been wearing a short skirt and a thong underneath.


I had dated two guys my freshman before Thanksgiving Break. Now I’m not a ho, at least not a “fuck me ho,” I’d best be called a cock hound. I discovered how much fun “petting,” as Mom called it when she caught me, can be in high school. Like most people away from home for the first time I got a little wild and stroked the two guys I dated off a couple times. Plus the dorm I lived in was near a couple frats streakers were plentiful. Anyway, this story is about what happened when I got home for Thanksgiving.


I got home Wednesday night. My dad was on a business trip and I beat him home when I arrived at 6:00 PM. My big brother was already home and so was my mom. My mom and I happened to be walking down the hall chatting. We passed my brother’s room, and his door was open so we peaked in.


“We are going out to dinner when you father gets home, Vikrant.” Mom said as we walked up to the door.


When we peaked our heads in, we saw Vikrant wearing only a t-shirt and his boxer briefs. Evidently he was changing to get ready. It wasn’t really uncommon for family members in our house to see each other in various stages of undress.


As we continued down the hall to the living room, Mom giggled “Your brother really takes after his father if you know what I mean.”


“Huh?” I asked.


“I know you saw that big basket his dick makes in those tight boxers he wears.” Mom laughed.


“Uh, yeah Mom. Ha ha.” I laughed in shock. “What did you just say?”


“Oh Shipra, I know you aren’t that innocent. You’re a young woman and as women we can enjoy checking men’s dicks out.” Mom said.


That put the thought into my head. If Mom thought Vikrant’s was big, surely it was. Not that I’d been disappointed by the size of guys at college, but I swear the high schools guys I got freaky with were bigger.


Thanksgiving Dinner went off without a hitch. Then on the following Friday, Dad announced he and Mom were headed for their lake house because heavy rains had caused it to flood. Dad and Mom left around 2:30. Vikrant and I had nothing to do since most of our high school friends were away a college or spending time with their relatives.


We decided to go to the health club for a little workout. Within minutes I was ready in a pair of hip hugging yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Vikrant had on loose fitting sweats. “Darn, I was hoping for workout tights.” I thought to myself. We arrived at the gym about 3:30 and Vikrant headed for the locker room. I went straight for the weights and started my circuit. A few minutes later, I saw Vikrant walking around the bench press wearing short gym shorts and lycra compression shorts underneath.


Vikrant laid down on the bench press machine with his legs spread. I noticed two ladies, probably in their forties gawking at my brother. I looked over and saw his gym shorts hanging open showing the “basket” as my mom said contained by the lycra shorts. Vikrant wasn’t disappointing these two older ladies either. The giggled and pointed. One mumbled, “Don’t you wish George had a floppy one that big.”


After about an hour of working out, I went and found Vikrant and told him I was going to shower and hit the sauna. He said he met me there. I was excited. I hoped he would wear only a towel into the steamy room.


Vikrant didn’t disappoint. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist. When he sat down, I caught a glimpse of the huge head protruding from the towel. Then I knew I had to have it. When I see a cock, I’m a little like a gunslinger; I really want to put another notch in my belt so to speak.


Unfortunately, before I could make any move two other people entered the sauna. I suggested Vikrant and I head home. On the way home I talked Vikrant into going to some clubs with me that night.


When we got home, I showered again. Then I rushed to my room to find the sexiest outfit I could find. I pulled on my black lace thong, then a black halter top with a built in push-u bra (it made my C cups look like Ds), and finally my bright pink mini-skirt. I looked pretty good. As I was looking for shoes, I heard Vikrant yelling to hurry up. Guys just don’t realize how long it takes for us to look sexy.


After 30 minutes of listening to him complain about how long I was taking we were off to dinner. We figured we had plenty of time for leftovers over the weekend. We ate at a somewhat fancy restaurant then headed for the strip of hot clubs in our hometown.


The first place on our agenda was Joe’s. It used to be a biker bar, but turned into kind of a yuppie place under new ownership. I danced with a few guys while Vikrant drank a beer. Dancing turns me on especially when there is some physical contact and these guys were shy about that.


When Vikrant finished his second beer, we headed to a more trend bar. After about a half hour there and another pair of beers, I got Vikrant to dance with me. He was kind of surprised when I started grinding my crotch on his leg and shaking my hips as a dropped down in front of him to where my lips were at his crotch level. A couple times I did this and looked up at him licking my pink lipstick clad lips. I noticed my dancing was causing his basket to jerk in his pants and it looked large.


After a while I made Vikrant take me to this redneck joint down the street where girls can dance on the bar. I figured a little exhibitionism would push Vikrant over the edge and I could get to his big cock. They started playing some hot Southern Rock when we walked in and a couple other girls jumped up on the bar. I quickly followed, not caring that my thong would be visible under my short cute little skirt. The two hicks sitting at the bar directly below me didn’t seem to mind either.


The two other girls and I danced to several songs before we hopped down. I walked about over to Vikrant and gave him a big hug.


“You could see you underwear while you were up there.” He said.


“Yeah, but my panties are pretty tiny, I bet you could see my ass too.” I prodded.


“Uh, yeah.” Vikrant mumbled.


“Did you like it?” I asked.


“Well, sure, but I wish those other two were in skirts. I feel kind of sick checking out my sister’s hot little ass.” He replied.


At that moment, I knew he was mine and so was his cock.


“Let’s go home. Your hot little sis wants to stroke your huge man meat.” I smiled slyly.


“What?” Vikrant said in disbelief.


“You heard me. Since I’ve been away a college, all I’ve had are puny little boys, now I want to stroke a big cock.” I said in my sexiest voice.


“Uh all right.” Vikrant said with a smile.


As soon as we got in the car, I flipped my skirt up so the front of my thong was visible to Vikrant. Then I reached over and stroked his cock thru his jeans as his drunk as got in the car. I started to drive us home. At the first stop light we hit, I told Vikrant to unzip his pants. He followed my command and I reach into his pants and stroked his cock thru his boxer briefs. Finally we got home and into the house. I led Vikrant up to my room and sat and my bed. “Take your clothes off.” I said.


Vikrant never rebuckled his pants, so he simply slide them down. His cock was semi-hard and huge making a tent inside his boxer briefs. He took off his shirt. He was a little flabby, but I was focused on the prong that he revealed by removing the tight blue boxer briefs.


“Come here.” I said slyly.


Vikrant sauntered over to the bed.


“Damn, it’s big.” I said reaching out to grab it.


I started stroking. Then I couldn’t resist; I slipped the head inside my mouth, well, as much as I could get of it into my mouth. I slobbered all over it to provide some lube.


“Ooooh, that’s nice sis.” Vikrant said.


I grabbed his ball sac with my left hand as I stroked the 10-inch shaft in front of me. I was in cock hound ecstasy.


I stroked his cock for about 20 minutes. Vikrant was constantly moaning his approval as he worked the big shaft. I nibbled at his big balls while I stroked. Then I started encouraging him to cum.


“God, Vikrant I want to see you shoot your fucking load.” I cried over and over.


“Oh fuck sis, I love when you talk like that. Worship my cock.” Vikrant demanded.


“It’s so fucking big. I can’t believe my brother is so fucking big. You ought to move to Cali and do porn Vikrant.” I said.


“Would like you to see that?” He asked with a smile.


“Hell yeah. Those hos on the tapes would be in awe of you like I am right now.” I said. Vikrant laughed proudly.


“Cum for me. Please. Pleeeeaaasssseeee.” I begged.


That finally did it! With a huge moan, Vikrant spewed all over my black halter-top.


I helped him clean his huge dick off then watched him get dressed. I almost couldn’t resist doing more with him, but that would have to wait. I told Vikrant good night and gave him a kiss on the check. He left my room. I closed the door, stripped, and laid down.


That night I fingered my clit for about 2 hours dreaming of Vikrant’s huge fuck rod!

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